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8 Best Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2021

At present, there are a record 9,977 startups and machine learning companies on Crunchbase, an increase of 8.2% from the 9,216 startups listed in 2020 and an increase of 14.6% from the 8,705 listed in 2019. In addition, according to Crunchbase data, companies related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) received funding of $27.6 billion in 2020.

Let’s talk about the Top 8 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2021

Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 20201. Augury

Augury combines real-time monitoring data from production machinery with AI and machine learning algorithms to work out machine health, asset performance management (APM), and predictive maintenance (PdM) to supply manufacturing companies with new knowledge about their operations. The company’s digital machine health technology can hear the sound of machines, analyze data, and detect malfunctions before they occur. This permits customers to regulate their maintenance and manufacturing processes to actual machine conditions. The platform is employed in HVAC, industrial plants, and commercial facilities.

2. Algorithmia 

Algorithmia’s expertise focuses on machine learning operations (MLOps) and helps customers deliver machine learning models to production environments with enterprise-level security and governance. In addition, Algorithmic automates ML deployment, provides tool flexibility, supports collaboration operations and development, and leverages existing SDLC and CI\/CD practices. More than 110,000 engineers and data scientists have used the Algorithmia platform, including the United Nations, government agencies specializing in intelligence, and Fortune 500 companies.

3. Databand

Databand is a Tel Aviv-based startup that provides a software platform for agile machine learning development. It was founded in 2018 by Evgeny Shulman, Joshua Benamram, and Victor Shafran. The data engineering team is responsible for managing several powerful tools, but it lacks the necessary utilities to run smoothly. Databand comes up with a solution that enables the team to gain a comprehensive view of their data flow, ensure successful pipeline completion, and monitor resource consumption and costs. Databand is natively suitable for modern data stacks and can be seamlessly embedded into tools such as Apache Airflow, Spark, Kubernetes, and various ML products from leading cloud providers.

4. Datavisor

DataVisor Partner Program, ExtenD, Expands Fraud Detection to New Markets |  Business Wire

It is worth noting DataVisor’s approach to using artificial intelligence to improve fraud detection accuracy at the platform level. Using a proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithm, DataVisor enables organizations to detect and take action on rapidly evolving fraud patterns and prevent future attacks before they occur. DataVisor combines advanced analytics and an intelligence network of more than 4.2 billion global user accounts to protect various industries – including financial services, marketplaces, e-commerce, and social platforms – from reputational and financial damage. As a result, they are one of the most attractive cybersecurity startups using AI today.

5. LeadGenius

LeadGenius stands out for its use of artificial intelligence to provide personalized and actionable B2B potential customer information, helping its customers achieve their global revenue growth goals. LeadGenius’ international team of researchers uses proprietary technologies, including technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide personalized lead generation, lead enrichment, and data sanitation services in customer-defined formats, methods, and frequencies. Its mission is to enable B2B sales and marketing organizations to connect with potential customers through unique, personalized data sets.

6. Netra 

Netra is a startup company based in Boston. It was initially part of MIT’s CSAIL research and now has several published and pending technology patents. Netra stands out for its advancement in scanning video images and interpreting text metadata, ensuring security and context awareness. Artificial Intelligence in Netra’s proprietary technology analyzes videos in real-time to obtain contextual references to unsafe content, including deep forgery and potential cybersecurity threats.

7. Savvie

Savvie is an Oslo-based start-up specializing in turning massive amounts of data into action that bakery and cafe owners can use to improve their daily results. In this process, they help food companies make the right decisions to optimize their operations and increase profitability while reducing waste at the source. What is worth noting about this startup is that they are very good at tweaking AA algorithms to provide customers with personalized recommendations and real-time statistics about their food and catering business.

8. SkyHive 

SkyHive | AI-driven Workforce Reskilling Technology

SkyHive is an artificial intelligence-based SaaS platform designed to retrain the skills of corporate employees and communities. It has developed and commercialized a method, Quantum Workforce Analysis, to provide real-time skill level information in internal and external labor markets, identify future and emerging skills, and promote skills retraining at the individual and company level. SkyHive has nothing to do with industry and supports global businesses and government clients.

So these are the 8 top machine learning startups you can watch in 2021. Throughout 2020, venture capital firms continued to expand into new global markets, with start-ups in London, New York, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Boston, Seattle, and Singapore receiving more funding.

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