Manisha Raisinghani: the inspiring entrepreneur who co-founded LogiNext

As inspiring as the success story of Manisha is, you will be surprised to know that she herself was inspired by another entrepreneur and also another woman in just one day. It was the day when she attended a talk of Mark Zuckerberg at the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). It was a life-changing moment for her and her life literally changed in just one day. Mark Zuckerberg as well all know is the founder of Facebook and is an excellent entrepreneur in all the terms he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and his success story cannot be more inspiring and admirable.

During the talk show, Mark talked about one of his colleagues, and that is Sheryl Sandberg. When she heard from Sheryl on the TED talk about the topic of women leadership, she was fascinated about how it actually went and meant. Other than Sheryl, Manisha also got inspired by the CEO of the company IBM who is Ginni Rometty. Manisha is the one who leads the technology at LogiNext solutions and along with that she also leads the product side. A lot of times networking events, client briefings, and business meetings assume that the male co-founder of Manisha might be the one who leads the technology.

In a society as we live in, technology is usually considered the niche which can be handled only by women. However, in this case, and hundreds, and thousands, of other cases, this is not true at all. Manisha says that these assumptions are trying given her role which requires such hard work and also deep expertise. As a co-founder does, she is an example and an epitome for a lot of women and men out there and all the entrepreneurs who are trying too hard. She likes to lead by example.

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She is always trying to stay on the top of her game plan and what she does. She has always had a very normal life from the very beginning. She had an ordinary upbringing and there was no social or economic pressure on her tough her early life from her family, parents, or anybody else. It was she, herself that tried to take challenges and then so on paved her own path. She was the supposed son of the house and she was expected to take ahead the family business. However, for her, she chose on and above all what she loved, data and numbers and let go of her family’s expectations.

When she was at her job, the only through that hampered her was that she among a lot of employees who were just doing everything that she was. There was nothing special about her and that is not what she wanted. She wanted to be different and this was the drive that led her to what she is as of now.

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