Maria Slusnyte shares one business tip that she always applies in her life

From being born in a small town in Europe to being one of the most celebrated models of the continent, Maria Sluswants’s journey is nothing less than inspirational. Right from the beginning, this young diva had dreams of being a model or the winner of a beauty pageant to the extent that she would even dress up as Miss World as a child. With her hard work and dedication, she managed to make her dreams come true.

Over the years, she has not only established herself as a model or a showstopper but also as a fierce player in showbiz. Maria believes in the value of hard work and always pushes herself to do more and to be more. In fact, she often uses the word ambitious to describe herself as that truly sums up her remarkable spirit.

In her journey, there are some great business lessons that Maria has learned and she doesn’t shy away from preaching the same to others. The fashionista herself was quoted as saying, “All the lessons were great, this business was always like any other business, I guess. One day everyone wats to work and collaborate with you, other day no one remembers you. So, whatever you have a chance take it, because maybe tomorrow it will not be there anymore.”

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This is why Maria takes each day by the horns, instead of waiting for the right opportunity to come along, she believes in making one for herself. During the pandemic time, when everything came to a standstill, Maria continued to work on things on the professional front and didn’t lose her hope.

While it is one thing to dream of a better future, inspirational people like Maria, make it real.

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