Meet the 6 New Indian Startups Selected for 4th Airbus Accelerator Programme ‘BizLab’

Airbus has selected twenty-four new startups to join its BizLab for the launch of the fourth accelerator programme and out of this 24 startups, 6 are from India.
The selected startups will join a unique consolidated global network within the four sites of BizLab — Toulouse (France), Hamburg (Germany), Bangalore (India) and Madrid (Spain). The six Indian startups selected will join the BizLab’s Bangalore Campus.
During the six-month acceleration programme, the selected startups will receive support from an international team of experts from various fields and have access to dedicated coaching staff, networking opportunities and co-working spaces. Hailing from ten countries around the world, the new startups were selected out of 495 applications from 64 countries. One of the main criteria used in the selection process were the synergies between the startup projects and Airbus’ innovation strategy.

Founders of Indian Startups selected for Airbus BizLabs 4th Season

The 6 Indian startups selected in the BizLab’s Bangalore campus are as follows:
Founders – Krishnan Raman, Derick Jose and Srikanth Muralidhara
Data solutions for process deviations and unplanned downtime for heavy machinery.
Flutura is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions company focused on improving two core business objectives of “Asset Uptime”​ and “Operational Efficiency”​. Its flagship product ‘Cerebra’ is an AI Platform tuned for Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) that focuses on machine to machine and big data analytics serving clients from manufacturing, energy and engineering industries. Its main offices are located in Houston, Palo Alto, and Bengaluru, India.
Founders – Anil Kumar and Girish Vishwanath
Audience insights platform for mapping real world customer journeys.
Bangalore-based Trapyz is a SaaS-based and AI driven platform that provides offline consumer insights to brands & digital marketers to map real-world journeys without infringing on consumer privacy. It provides last-mile indoor location intelligence on a ‘data-as-a-service’ model that can be leveraged to build various location-based services.
Founders – Ganesh Gopalan and Ananth Nagaraj
Custom AI models for enterprise applications, with a focus on speech recognition and NLP.
Based on AI and machine learning technologies, Gnani aims to empower businesses with the power of voice. It develops voice assistants and speech analytics products for multiple languages including Indic languages. It has ASRs (Automatic Speech Recognition) for 6 languages in India – English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.
Founders – Ajay Ponna Venkatesh and Sai Krishna V K
AR/VR platform for customer experience.
Built entirely on the cloud, Scapic is an online platform with a drag-and-drop editor that makes it trivially simple to build immersive experiences from scratch in minutes and allowing people to build Virtual/Augmented/ Mixed Reality content easily. The startup had raised seed funding of $500,000 from Axilor Ventures and others, in January this year.
Agnikul Cosmos:
Designs, builds, tests and launches orbital launch systems.
Founder – Srinath Ravichandran
Incubated at prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-Madras), Chennai-based AgniKul Cosmos in the process of developing its own small launch vehicles called ‘Agnibaan’, which is an orbital class nano-satellite launch vehicle that will be able to carry up to 100kg on a 700km Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Founded in 2017, AngiKul is currently based out of the National Centre of Combustion R&D (NCCRD) in IIT-Madras.
Founder – Varun Mishra
Custom NLP solution for improved human-computer interaction.
Traxof Technologies is building cloud and mobile based products in the domain of Customized Process Automation using AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) with an aim to improve human-computer interaction. It is building a platform which can be used to create, start and monitor customized workflows, using an easy-to-use drag-n-drop interface.
Besides above startups from India, UAE-based Hey Flyer will also be joining the Bangalore campus of Airbus BizLabs. Hey Flyer is a platform that consolidates airport information for travellers.
Source: IndianWeb2
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