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Is the Modi Government Really Looking Forward to Joining Hands With the State Government? Something That Modi Has Never Practiced

The pandemic is expected to take severe turns in the next few months due to the possible existence of the third wave as mentioned by the Modi government and experts. It is said to enter India during the month of August which could prove to be highly destructive and reckoning if we remain underprepared.

We have already seen severe problems of the covid-19 pandemic doing immense losses to the lives of people and causing ruination to the entire planet. There is nothing much that we could afford in the present times, and hence taking precautions and being ready is the only available option. 

All the sectors have been severely impacted by the pandemic

In spite of several expectations of the third wave to be less severe, we cannot afford to take chances and must be prepared for the worse. There are numerous vaccination drives going on all over the world to ensure the immunity levels in individuals and help them fight the coronavirus. The pandemic is capable of doing extreme destruction to the entire world and not a single country remains safe. It must be controlled and avoided for any long-term disfigurement to the globe.

The issues faced by the country related to poverty, scarcity of food, and others have increased severely, due to the coronavirus pandemic. People have lost their livelihood, children have lost their parents, and the world has lost its economy. There is no such sector that has remained unaffected and the entire globe is wholly in a disastrous phase.

The thought of collaborating with states despite the blame game played by Modi government 

The government has been doing a few initiatives related to the prevention of coronavirus pandemic but seems to play a blame game since forever. There have been instances when the central government blames the states and vice versa, for any lack of responsibility. However, this is not the time when India or any other country could afford to fight politics and avoid the existing pandemic situation, says Narendra Modi. 

Meeting of Narendra Modi with the floor leaders to discuss Covid and the existing conditions


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a meeting with the floor leaders on Tuesday. He mentioned in his conversation that it is high time that the union government and the states should come together and unite to fight against the pandemic. According to him both the governments should rise above the agenda of politics or blaming, and look forward to reducing the effects of pandemic on the entire country.

He adhered to his notion of India being in a better position to fight the covid-19 pandemic than several other countries in terms of the rate of population that was affected. But he also added that India cannot lose even a bit of a safeguard over the conditions and should keep working for the betterment of all. He mentioned the reference from countries like the UK, which claims the revival of the covid-19 infection which led to the pandemic in their country. He guided the members to avoid the same because of any lack of resources or health care services.

The above-mentioned meeting was held for approximately three hours which was avoided by Congress, CPM, CPI, AAP, and RJD. Even the former BJP ally, SAD managed to stay away from his meeting of “unity”.

This meeting was majorly called upon by Narendra Modi wherein his major objective was to brief the floor leaders about proper management by the government during the covid-19 pandemic. However, his prior fluctuations in promises did not allow support from the opposition parties and hence saw diversion in opinions.

Modi government blames the states and then asks for their support

Delhi needs govt that will give direction, not play blame game: PM Modi -  Oneindia News

It seems extremely out of the line from Prime Minister Narendra Modi immediately calling for unity while he and his party recently blamed the states for management issues. A few days ago it was the BJP member and the Union Minister of health, Mansukh Mandaviya himself, blaming the states for not managing the vaccination and its process in the right order. Even after blaming the states to an extent where they could have done the same and the situations could have worsened, BJP seeks unity and collaboration with them. 

The state governments have been working to their best ability to provide anything and everything but it is the central government wherein the lack of resources and other safeguards go scarce at times. There have been statements of BJP leaders terming the state governments to be lacking behind and ignoring the pandemic situations. However, they suddenly seek and want to come together as one, and help to neutralize the conduction of the covid-19 pandemic in India. This is a major step to avoid any responsibility for losses on the shoulders of the BJP.

The Prime Minister should be clear with his objectives, and not contradict his past statements

To be precise, Narendra Modi mentioned in his statement that politics should take a back seat while welfare during the pandemic should be the topmost priority. He, however, forgot to describe the events wherein his own members of the party allegedly blamed the state governments and other officials for improper functioning and lack of responsibilities. He supposedly wants to bring change in the existing conditions of the pandemic but seems to not start from his very party. 

There have been several allegations against the central government relating to the scam of vaccinations which are yet not clear and still doubted. The prior instances of the pandemic show mismanagement on the level of Central Government as proper welfare or the resources were not available according to the demand. In spite of having enough stocks of majorly everything, people died in huge numbers with hardly seemed to affect the government.

Declining population by deaths: Is it what the Modi government seeks?

Delhi accused of under-reporting coronavirus deaths | Financial Times

Now that the government stayed unaffected by the number of deaths in the past two waves, the citizens are still not able to decide about the actual objective of the BJP. Further, speaking of welfare schemes, the two-child policy introduced by the BJP seems to be a “good” option for them. We still seek an answer to the question of, Does the government actually focus on declining the future population through government schemes, or do they wish to get rid of the existing ones? The unavailability of resources which caused thousands and lakhs of deaths in India during the first and second wave of the covid-19 pandemic seems to prefer the latter statement. 

Vaccines from the companies would arrive soon: Narendra Modi

According to the sources, Narendra Modi mentioned that the availability of more vaccines from companies would be fulfilled in a short period of time. The parties like Shiv Sena and TMC mention the demand for more vaccinations in Maharashtra and West Bengal respectively. The BJD and TMC leaders and others demanded an increase in the government speed for the procedure of receiving International recognition for indigenous vaccine named Covaxin.

Also, Nama Nageswara Rao, the TRS leader mentioned the need to increase the number of vaccination drives and even look after the rural population of India. He further added to his statement that the rural population was severely affected by the second wave leading to a greater rate of destruction in the region.

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