Nitesh Devpal Birthday: 7 Unknown Facts to Explore on his Big Day

Nitesh Devpal is a giant when it comes to digital marketing. He has a competent team and has helped many celebrities and other brands to prosper on the world of web and social media. Besides, being a digital marketer, he is a known name in celebrity and talent management. Today when he celebrates his birthday, it would be interesting to know about some of his unknown facts of his life, have a look:

1) Early life – He hails from a small village in Rajasthan and shifted to Mumbai in his late teens with a vision to do big in the Maximum City.

2) How He Started – It all started learning digital marketing and social media, exploring things in cyber cafes. Even when he had a basic phone to operate, he explored social media and got an edge over it to emerge as a competent digital and social media marketer.

3) Handles Multiple Websites – He manages a couple of websites of different genres with an edge over Bollywood and multiple brands.

4) Celebrity Management – His expertise in handling social media with cutting edge brought the heeds of celebs from B Town and other domains. This made him handle their social media and online life with skills taking their fame and stardom to the next level.

5) Working Style – He is fond of working in the night as he productivity goes great guns when the sun is set. He uses his peace of mind in his office working long hours and helping celebrities and his clients reach the peak of his success.

6) Stands for Women Empowerment – He is fond of empowering women and ladies in their professional lives. He recruits women to give them exposure making them self reliant.

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7) Online Security – He is known for his knowledge in hacking and security things. He helps people in recovering their social media accounts besides guiding them all to go safe and sound on social media.

He intends to go long as he is still young and energetic. He calls this to be his early days as he has much to achieve in the world of social media and digital marketing. On his big day, we wish him a very happy and prosperous 21st birthday.

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