Nitin Gadkari’s order to NHAI and toll operators, said- Provide food and water to migrant laborers returning home

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday asked the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) chairman and toll operators to ensure necessary facilities including food and drink for migrant workers on national highways. Let us inform you that there is a nationwide lockdown to stop the coronavirus epidemic. All the companies have been temporarily closed, due to which, the migrant laborers are facing huge difficulties, they are stuck in different parts of the country and are forced to walk hundreds of kilometers by way of highways.

Toll operators will respond positively to their calls
Gadkari said, “I have advised the NHAI chairman and the highway toll operators to consider providing food and water or any other assistance to the migrant workers / citizens going to the places of origin.” Road Transport and Highways Minister Gadkari said, “In this time of crisis, we have to be kind to our fellow citizens.” He hoped that the toll operators would react positively to his call.

Stop toll collection on national highways
Earlier, Gadkari had asked NHAI to stop toll collection on all national highways, so that transportation of essential commodities would be easy. “Toll collection has been stopped to reduce the inconvenience of people who have been issued curfew passes by the local administration for essential goods and vehicles carrying patients,” the minister said. He also urged people to stay indoors and follow the advice of local authorities to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Yogi government helped
The Uttar Pradesh government made a big announcement in view of the condition of the workers walking hundreds of kilometers on the road. CM Adityanath Yogi has started a special bus service from today i.e. Saturday. It has been announced to run 21 buses on 6 major routes of the state. This settlement will go from Noida, Ghaziabad and Hapur to other areas of UP. It was only after the government’s order that a bus service was started to bring laborers from Garhmukteshwar Roadways Depot to Ghaziabad. The buses were well sanitized before the passengers departed. After this, people were placed far away from each other, so there is no risk of corona infection in buses. Let us inform you that this special bus service run by the government is to let the needy, reach to their destination.

Corona crisis worldwide
Around 6 lakh people have been infected and nearly 27 thousand people have died due to Coronavirus worldwide. At the same time, so far 873 people have confirmed the infection in India, while 20 people have died.

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