Notable NBA players who weren’t called to play this season

The NBA season has started, and many famous players are still out of work

There are more than 500 jobs in the NBA. But the rosters of 30 clubs at the start of the new season are missing a few familiar names.

Today we will look at the reasons for the failure of some players. And if you are interested not only in basketball but also apps for IPL betting, then the article at the link will be of interest to you.

Kemba Walker.

Last season in 37 games for New York:

  • 11.6 points, 
  • 3.5 assists, 
  • 36.7 percent three-point shooting, 
  • 1.9 free throw attempts per 26 minutes on average.

The latest to lose his job was Kemba Walker, who was waived just before the start of the season by Detroit. “The Pistons had no plans to work with the point guard – they received him in a draft pick exchange with New York as salary cap ballast. Kemba and Detroit were expected to agree soon. Still, it turned out that no one was seriously interested in Walker (even the rumor of him returning to the Hornets was just a rumor), so he was in a hurry to break his contract with Detroit.

Ultimately, Walker wouldn’t give up a dime to Detroit because he wasn’t sure he’d get those cents from anyone else. Of course, he’s unemployed now, but he’s not exactly poor – not only will he get more than 9 million from the Pistons this season, but he’ll also get almost 11 million from Oklahoma, which will pay him that much annually until 2026. So yes, Walker has been waived for the second year. And yet he signed max three years ago and played in the 2020 All-Star Game.

Carmelo Anthony.

Last season in 69 games for the Lakers: 

  • 13.3 points, 
  • 4.2 rebounds, 
  • 37.5 percent three-point shooting (on 55 percent shooting percentage) in 26 minutes, average
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Next, let’s sort the players by their performance. Melo was the highest-scoring player of last season who was never signed. “The Lakers are on a rejuvenation path, and Anthony is the third oldest player in the NBA after Haslem and Iguodala. Carmelo professed his love for New York, alluding to a desire to move to the Knicks or Nets – only there was no desire to return the favor. Finally, there was talk of the Celtics, especially after Gallinari’s injury, but they also chose Blake Griffin.

In 2019, Anthony paused a month before picking a team and fitting in well with Portland. He might be considering the same scenario now.

Lamarcus Aldridge.

Last season in 47 games for Brooklyn: 

  • 12.9 points, 
  • 5.5 rebounds, 
  • 1.0 blocks, 
  • 55% from the game in 22 minutes on average.

Aldridge had temporarily ended his career in the spring of 2021 because of heart problems but resolved them – and returned to the Nets. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s time to finish it for good – the previous season also ended for Lamarcus in March, but they are already due to a hip injury. It did not seem too severe, but the center did not reach his playing strength in time for the playoffs.

There was talk of moving to the Heat or Boston, but the former decided against the luxury tax. In contrast, the latter decided to close the hole in the front court with its resources after Robert Williams’ injury.

Demarcus Cousins.

Last season in 48 games for Milwaukee and Denver: 

  • 9.0 points, 
  • 5.6 rebounds, 
  • 0.4 blocks,
  • 46% from the field, averaged 15 minutes per game
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No one doubts Cousins’ level or attitude (there’s a reason his stats were nearly identical for both the Bucks and Nuggets), but his health is discouraging. That’s why Denver opted not to extend Boogie and signed Deandre Jordan instead.

Now Demarcus is sad, “I’ve always wanted to be at the top, but I’m ready to do what I’m asked to do now. If I have to be in the starting lineup, if I have to come off the bench or sit at the end of the bench cheering my teammates on, I’ll do it all. Whatever it takes.” A cry was of desperation so far unanswered.

Isaiah Thomas.

In 22 games for the Lakers, Dallas, and Charlotte last season: 

  • 8.4 points, 
  • 1.5 assists, 
  • 33.7 percent three-point shooting, 
  • 40% from the field in 15 minutes on average.

Since 2016, the minor player in the NBA has played for nine clubs – and could very well compete for the historic leadership in terms of the number of uniforms worn – except no one is rushing to bring him back to the NBA. The Lakers turned out to be a “duck,” and Charlotte never showed any interest in him, choosing Dennis Smith.

While Izeja played well for Charlotte last year, his overall stats are more likely to be dragged down by his stretches in the L.A. and Mavs. For the Hornets, he made 40% of his three-pointers (albeit a small sample size), scored a point per minute in every other game, and generally finished the season as one of Charlotte’s most effective backups by +/-. But the club has other problems — their players are either injured or detained by the police. Both of those are good enough for Aizeye right now.

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Dwight Howard.

Last season in 60 games for the Lakers: 

  • 6.2 points, 
  • 5.9 rebounds, 
  • 0.6 blocks, 
  • 66% free throws per 16 minutes average

Terrible year for Dwight – first not picked in the top 75 in history, then left without a contract. According to Dwight’s latest statements, this could be the end of his career. 

Rajon Rondo.

In 39 games for the Lakers and Cleveland last season: 

  • 4.8 points, 
  • 4.4 assists, 
  • 0.9 steals, 
  • 35% three-point percentage in 19 minutes on average

Rondo also felt useless with the Lakers last season – but after being traded to Cleveland to replace the injured Rubio, he transformed: he averaged 10+4+5 in his first three games in his new uniform, hit 6 of 14 three-pointers, and also broke down.

The veteran had no time to look for a new club this summer:

  • An ex-girlfriend accused him of threatening her with a gun.
  • A current girlfriend got an engagement ring.
  • A stranger sued Rondo over a scuffle over a parking space.

Paul Millsap.

Last season in 33 games for Brooklyn and Philadelphia: 

  • 3.5 points, 
  • 3.5 rebounds, 
  • 39% from the game in 11 minutes on average.

Al Horford set an NBA record in the spring: most games in the NBA playoffs without a single Finals appearance. And he beat Paul Millsap because Al is still getting on the floor, unlike his former Atlanta teammate of the mid-2010s.

And then Millsap regained the lead – but not because he was suddenly playing for Phila (6 minutes in one P.O. game, 0 points), but because Al made it to the Finals after all. So Millsap ends his career with a record that won’t be easy to break.

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