Offers like work from home facility to employees, free masks for customers opening accounts in the bank

Coronavirus is the biggest threat to business worldwide, companies are finding ways to continue working
Special unit to check for infection in factories; Corona spread to more than 160 countries, infection started from China

Companies around the world are trying new ways to deal with the effects of coronaviruses. Some are advising employees to work from home, while others are offering free mask while opening a bank account. Some companies have gone into the business of changing the segment to make sanitizers in place of perfumes.

What did companies do in India

1. Swiggy, Zomato Launches Contactless Delivery

Companies like Domino’s, Swiggy, Zomato have introduced contactless delivery. When the delivery expert arrives at the customer’s home, he will place a carry bag in front of the customer’s door and go a few feet behind. It will stand until the customer order is received by the customer.

2. Ford asks employees to work from home

The American automaker company Ford has asked 10,000 Indian employees to work from home in view of Corona. Volvo has also made similar announcements earlier. IT company Wipro also announced work from home on Monday.

3. FMCG companies implement stringent protocols

FMCG companies making food and beverage items have implemented strict protocols. Hindustan Unilever has asked the sales staff to stop colluding with customers. Health of employees is also being investigated in factories.

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4. Special teams made for emergencies

ITC, Godrej etc. have formed special teams to deal with emergencies. Video conferencing is being resorted to by postponing the meeting. Isolation units are being built in factories along with duty in rotation of employees. Hand sanitizer is being promoted.

What steps did companies take abroad

1. Perfume making companies started manufacturing sanitizers

Perfume makers have ventured into the hand sanitizer business. France’s luxury goods group LVMS has started making sanitizers in perfume factories. The New York Distilling Company, based in Brooklyn in the US, is providing hand sanitizers at the restaurant, Bar.

2. Companies making rum and vodka sanitizers

The Psychopomp Micro Distillery produces about 15,000 liters of gin annually, but in early March the company started manufacturing hand sanitizers. California-based Lime Margarita is a producer of whiskey, rum, brandy. Now the company is making sanitizers.

3. Free face mask on account opening

Chinese banks have found a unique way to overcome the business slowdown under the influence of coronavirus. Banks are providing masks free of cost to customers for opening an account. Five masks are being given to the user for linking debit or credit cards with WeChat-Pay accounts.

4. The first one hour of shopping only for the elderly

Supermarkets in Northern Ireland had long lines. Therefore, the elderly are being preferred for shopping in supermarkets. The Belfast store reserves one hour daily for the elderly. During this time, only they will go shopping.

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