Opposite pattern of infection in pakistan, virus affecting the youth of 21-30 years old

  • Pakistani doctor said – this is why the population of youth here has
  • Over 1000 cases of infection in Pakistan, 250 infected 21-30 years old
  • Total cases in China 81,285 cases, out of which 81,000 are over 65 years

A news about serious problem has come out of Pakistan amidst coronavirus infection. Coronavirus which is affecting people worldwide, who are more than 60 people of age, this pattern of infection in Pakistan is the completely opposite. Here the infection is spreading rapidly among the youth of 21-30 years. So far, 1098 positive patients have been found in Pakistan. 8 people have also died here. Sindh province is the most affected. Sindh alone has reported 413 cases.

Special Assistant Doctor of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Zafar Mirza said that 25 percent of the cases of infection are from 21 to 30 years of youth. There are about 250 infected youth. Subsequently, people of different age groups are infected. This pattern is completely opposite from other countries, where people above the age of 60 & more are getting infected.

During the briefing on TV on Wednesday, Mirza said that 34 percent of the men infected with the virus are 36 percent women. There are 7 percent people in whom the infection is spread by local transmission. The remaining 93 percent have been infected from abroad.

81, 285 infected in China, 81,000 of those above 65 years
As of Thursday, a total of 81,285 cases of infection have been reported in China and 3287 people have died. A special thing is that there are 81,000 infected people in China, whose age is 65 years or more. Speaking to Pakistan Daily, Dr. Rana Safdar, Chief Epidemiologist (Epidemiologist) of the National Institute of Health said that the population of youth in Pakistan is much more than that of China, hence there have been more cases of youth infection.

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