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PortraitFlip – A Journey From Nowhere To Everywhere!


It was the year 2015, a Mechanical Engineer in VIT Chennai’s hostel room was thinking where he could get a handmade painting from a photo for his friend in Chennai?

After a lot of searches and phone calls, he ended up with a startup idea which would one day make handmade paintings from photos and deliver them to the doorstep anywhere in the world!

The man’s name is Mr. Lavdeep Chahal, who with his hostel mates Mr. Sunny Choudhary and Mr. Shubhanshu Maheshwari established PortraitFlip.

In the beginning phase of the venture, it was backed by the money of the other hostel mates which was loaned by these 3 gentlemen with a promise to return with interests.

While Mr. Chahal was finding the artists by traveling to various places in India, Mr. Maheshwari was focusing towards creating a neat website which would support international payments, and simultaneously Mr. Sunny was working towards partnering with delivery giants like DHL and also learning the tools of Digital Marketing.

When the other students were completing assignments and projects, this trio had started receiving orders from USA and Canada and were delivering handmade paintings to them.

When It Got Serious!

In the year 2018, a major decision came to their table, whether to continue with PortraitFlip or to get a job as an Engineer.

They had already received the Best Startup Award from VIT Chennai and were confident about the idea.

Instead of opening the doors of the interview room and they preferred opening the doors of their new office in Pune!

After shifting to Pune, they started working days and nights to develop PortraitFlip and created what it is today. The trio worked towards:

  • Developing The Website
  • Registering Their Business
  • Increasing The Reach
  • Marketing
  • Renting Office Space
  • Recruiting
  • Managing Finance and a lot more!

The Expanding!

PortraitFlip was slowly and steadily gaining speed, and the Pune based startup began getting orders from all over the world!

They not only got an office space but bought servers for their website, hired employees for various jobs, installed computer systems for employees, and were aiming high!

They made no mistakes and started india.portraitflip.com in no time; they introduced products like Raksha Bandhan Portraits to attract the Indian audience.

They analyzed their sales, and a surprise came to their notice where they observed they had about 70% of their sales from Pet Portraits.

Mr. Sunny immediately started promoting the product to an audience with interests in pet products by optimizing audience on Google and FB Ads.

He launched the website Dog Is World where content related Dog Care, Dog Grooming, Dog Essentials, and Interesting News Articles are published. The vision was clear to develop a hub of dog owners who regularly visit the website and promote Pet Portraits on this site.

He also launched a YouTube channel for Dog Is World where the entire textual content is converted into video content to gain relevant viewers and take advantage of the increasing watch time of an average Indian smartphone user.

PortraitFlip held many giveaways and contests in which they had Thousands of participants to promote their product.


PortraitFlip – Today

PortraitFlip today houses more than 100 artists who were handpicked from various parts of the world to create masterpieces for the customers. Due to their persistent efforts, they have achieved to offer the following features to their customers:

  1. They are so confident in their artist’s ability to deliver a masterpiece every time that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to their customer.
  2. If in any case, PortraitFlip fails to deliver to the customer’s expectations, the customer gets a 100% Money-Back with a No Questions Asked Return Policy.
  3. They are knocking doors almost in every country in the world, which fuels them to offer Free Worldwide Shipping.
  4. They feature 6 mediums, and for each medium, they have specialist artists whose expertise lies in painting any one of Oil, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Pencil, Charcoal, or Watercolor painting.
  5. PortraitFlip was and always will be about spreading the subtle importance of handmade art in everyone’s life.

They deliver happiness packages which are getting a lot of love on their YouTube channel in which people are expressing their PortraitFlip experience and also on reviewing websites like Trustpilot where they have an Excellent 9.7/10 Star rating.

  1. As far as India is concerned, PortraitFlip was the first to get a service which can get a handmade painting from a photo in just a few taps.
  2. There is nothing that PortraitFlip offers is unique today, but the only thing which sets them apart from others is, how they do it!

PortraitFlip is about delivering a painting experience like never before; they know about the emotional value it carries with it.

For someone it is a gift for their Mother on Mother’s Day, for some, it is a gift for their spouse on their 25th or 50th Anniversary, and for others a medium which expresses their love towards the receiver!

This perspective fuels them to offer 100% Handmade paintings and give each customer an experience of a lifetime!

From a college hostel room to being the Best E-Commerce Website to get handmade paintings in India, PortraitFlip has achieved a lot and is aiming to increase the market reach and dominate the world market as well!


Find PortraitFlip:

Website: www.portraitflip.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCWeM6IABe4gS1dp19BQP56g

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/portraitflip/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlipPortrait/?ref=br_rs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/portraitflip?lang=en


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