POST MATRIMONIAL INVESTIGATION SERVICES ARE A KIND OF RARELY FOUND SERVICES WHICH GENERALLY guarantees satisfaction in their personal bonding. The husband and wife share such a relationship that they are the two sides of a book but should be read as a whole until it gets completed. The relation of husband and wife is the most blessed and dedicated relationship. However, sometimes due to some personal issues or external or mala fide motives, this relationship gets interrupted. They both or either of the two may take something in a negative way and they might start doubts upon the characters of each other while charging or arraigning each other and make incorrect and erroneous claims upon each other. Therefore, the help of Post Matrimonial Detective Investigator services is extremely important to tackle the issue. They may appoint Private detectives or any detective agencies which are specifically working alike. There are plenty of such agencies in Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of the Country including abroad.

NIDAAN Intelligence Services aims to provide the exact and detailed information so that each and every client of the company attains the complete level of satisfaction. NIDAAN is the leading Multinational Company that serves one stop Risk Management and Investigation Management Services.

A POST MATRIMONIAL INVESTIGATION agency such as NIDAAN provides you the real picture which enables us to determine the truth and hence assists us to take the correct decision. The agents of these agencies work in almost every Country and City in the World that itself stipulates the guarantee and level of hard work that they put it in every case. Divorces cases are, however, complicated, tactful, and sometimes too dangerous and depend upon the nature of your investigation. These service providers will surely help you with thorough and cautious investigations which shall particularly include but not;

  • limited to shreds of evidence on infidelity

  • Issues over child custody

  • Details of income, financial, assets of an individual – as may be needed for a particular case and in maintenance and alimony matter

  • medical records

  • Issues regarding bigamy

  • Issues relating to previous divorce documents, etc.

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One major use of these service providers occurs in case of extra marital affairs. Extra marital affair causes the life of three persons to become a disaster. They suffer both emotionally and mentally. It is very essential to crack these affairs within time and take necessary remedial actions. These service providers take several actions and measures to reveal these extra marital affairs. Such types of cases are very unique and different from each other and therefore required different ways for investigations. They collect evidence based upon mobile hacking, secret video and audio recorders, hidden GPS trackers and connect with the human intelligence to get the desired results. There may be a possibility that the suspicion of the spouse may be false and in such type of circumstances this investigation helps in removing the doubts of the partner and they may further lead to a beautiful life together.

While arriving at some legal proceedings, it is generally very important to collect the proofs to prove your case. Although in many circumstances the information collected in investigations related to divorce is for providing the client with the peace of mind and that evidence in possession is often used in submission in courts.

A spouse might become mischievous and sometimes hides the assets with the motive to avoid splitting them. Through the help of these services, they can carry out an inquiry about the spouse’s finances and locate the hidden assets like the accounts, income, hidden and undisclosed assets and many more valuable items and information. Evidence collected by various such of these service providers is acceptable in the court.

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We employ various techniques including a high cautious surveillance to get the importance of evidence we require and need and once we obtain it we may proceed on to take the services of our legal representative.

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