Problems in logistics & freight movement due to labor shortage, only 5% of 90 lakh trucks on roads: AIMTC

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The country has now entered its second week of lockdown. However, this shutdown has given a major blow to the business. The migrant laborers have returned to their homes due to the closure. At the same time, local laborers have sat down at home. In such a situation, the trucks and workers have almost disappeared from the roads.

Due to the lockdown across the country, truck operators are facing a shortage of drivers and laborers for loading and unloading. In such a situation, the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) said that there are a total of 9 million trucks across the country. Only five percent of these trucks are currently on the roads, which has severely affected the movement of goods.

AIMTC said that the notification of the Ministry of Home Affairs has allowed the movement of non-essential items during the bandh, but despite this, there has been no improvement in the situation. As a result, many truck drivers have returned to their homes or stayed in places where they are getting food and lodging.

Bal Malkit Singh, chairman and former chairman of AIMTC’s core committee, said, “There are 90 lakh commercial vehicles across the country. Only five percent of these commercial vehicles are operational. Most of the LPG and other petroleum products are supplied from these vehicles. At the same time, milk tankers are also running for short distances.

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Malkit Singh further said that the fruits and vegetables that are coming to the markets right now, are being brought by the farmers themselves. He said that partial closure was implemented even before the declaration of March 24. In such a situation many states had their borders sealed. Because of this, millions of trucks are stranded. He informed that a large number of truck drivers returned to their homes after the announcement of the closure. Due to the closure of dhabas or shops on the highways, a large number of truck drivers moved to places where they have access to food and accommodation. At the same time, laborers are also not available for loading and unloading, due to which the operation of trucks has been affected.

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