What is the use of having Rafale when India is being hit by drones! Is 36 Rafale Fighter Jets, going to be kept in museums for kids?

India and France had signed an inter-governmental contract in 2016 for the procurement of 36 Rafale Fighter Jets, from French aerospace, at the cost of Rs 59,000 crore. The Rafale fighter jets are the foremost procurement of fighter planes in India. The Rafale is a French twin-engine which is designed and built by Dassault Aviation.



Rafale in India

When the Rafale jets arrived in India, the Air Chief Marshal, RKS Bhadauria said that the induction of the Rafale jets will be a “Game Changer”. The defense experts also said that the Rafale jets will be a game-changer for India in the regional geopolitics of South Asia.
Drone Terror attack on Jammu Airport- The recent drone attack in the Jammu and Kashmir region on the 27th of June shows that nothing has changed for India. It is still the sole target for Pakistan.


Two blasts took place at the Air Force base in Jammu Airport in the teensy hours of Sunday. The Air force base in Jammu Airport was a victim of 2 blasts in the teensy hours of Sunday. Jammu and Kashmir police chief, Dilbag Singh said that the attack at the IAF station in Jammu was a terrorist attack.

The drone attack on the Jammu Air Force base shows that how improvised India is for battling this kind of threat. There were sights of drones over the military base in Jammu regardless of which India did nothing. There is no information about the drones that were used to attack the Air Base. It is insoluble whether the drone came from across the border or was launched from the airbase vicinity.

If the drone has come from across the border then it is maybe a message from Pakistan or if it is launched from the airbase itself then it means that the terrorists are inside Jammu and Kashmir have acquired the technology of using drones in the vicinity. Both of these cases impose serious threats for India.


One day after the attack on the Jammu airbase, 2 drones were spotted over the Kaluchak military station. Alert army fired at the drones to neutralize them, a spokesperson said. It happened on the intervening night of June 27-28.

The drone attack on the Jammu airbase is seen as an attempt to put pressure on the brittle ceasefire that is being preserved along the LoC. The attack has raised concerns about the easing of tensions between India and Pakistan.

Significance of Rafale fighter jets for India

• Game Changer: No country in the neighborhood will be able to match the supremacy of the fighter jets in kinematic performance and powerful electronic warfare systems, after the delivery of all the 36 Rafale fighter jets from France to India.

• When the Rafale is compared to the air power of Pakistan and many other South Asian countries, it will lift India’s proficiency extensively.

• The package of the Rafale fighter jets will also get the weapons for India which will capacitate with the ability to engage Pakistani jets from a long distance, without the risk of being stalked.

• The air-to-ground SCALP missile can precisely track down any target on the Pakistani territory with ease.

• The Rafale has a range of more than 300 km, so the Indian Aircraft will be able to perform operations similar to Balakot from within the Indian airspace. It need not enter the LOC to perform the operations. There is nothing equivalent to Rafale in the neighboring countries of India.

When India has the Rafale fighter jets then why is it not using them against the country which is attacking India? India is still looked upon as a weak target by the alien countries because of its weak defense mechanism. PM Modi should ensure that the Indian Army should be well-trained, well-equipped, and capable enough to face the challenges.

Simply having a large standing army on the Air Force with the flying aircraft without using the modern weapons that India has bought from France at such a high cost will do no good for the enemy nations and this cannot be India’s answer to the never-ending attacks. It is time for the defense managers’ work out a fresh plan for reforming our armed forces rather than continuing with piecemeal purchases.

It is shameful that when the clouds of the war are hovering over India, the armed forces just have to suffer without giving any answer to the foes even when India has sufficient Rafale fighter jets which are superior to any other weapon that the enemy nations have.

India is just focusing on buying fighter jets. There is also a formal tender for buying 114 fighter jets. The tender is yet to be issued without the surety of the purchasing being materialized. Is India only focusing on buying the jets and not using them to give answers to the attacks of which it is being the sole victim?

India should focus on preventing drone attacks and any other attack by the enemy nations. It should focus on training the Indian Army to use the fighter jets that India has bought for its safety. It should also use modern technologies to prevent such drone attacks as they threaten our nation.

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