Why Are Rape Cases Increasing Every Year? | And to The Worst Extent Police Are Also A Part of Rape Cases in 21st Century

Why Are Rape Cases Increasing Every Year? | And to The Worst Extent Police Are Also A Part of Rape Cases in 21st Century

Rape cases in India:

Rape is seen to be one of the major crimes against women for a longer period and has never attained an ending point. It’s highly saddening to know that it’s not going to end any sooner until and the only option is to alter the mindset of people. According to the 2019 report, India reported around 4 lakh cases. The statistic says that two women are raped every hour.

Tripura: Two cases of rape of minors in 48 hours | North East India News,The Indian Express

According to 2019, most cases reported were from Rajasthan. Delhi, the national capital of India shows the highest number of rape cases every year. In India, most cases go unreported because of the pressure faced by the victim and its family in society later.

The most saddening incident occurred in the year 1992 at Ajmer where around 100 underage girls were molested and raped. In 2012, a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern was raped in a public transport where she was later found with her male friend who has been attacked by the iron rod by the rapist. The same iron rod had been used to penetrate her. The people and few political leaders protested that the rapist should be hanged. In India, the name of the victim is not disclosed to the public. The victim was named ‘Nirbhaya‘ which means fearless.

We have been spending most of our days at home in this pandemic which means the rape cases should have been lowered but unfortunately, it’s highly painful to know that girls not safe at their own house too. the most valuable person in a girl’s life is her father but what do you do when you hear the news with a headline that says ‘A 14-year-old girl raped by her father’. Yes, it happened in Tamil nadu where the father impregnated her minor daughter where the mother found it later and took action against him.

Another rape case that highly troubled everyone was a 55-year-old man who was found raping a cow was found in a CCTV camera. Can you believe that our country considers the cow to be a sacred animal and worship it?

Why Does Rape Happen?

When asked the people, most men blamed biology saying that the ‘hormones make them go crazy’ which can never be accepted because both men and women have sexual needs and the least we could have is self-control and respect for each other. The other part of society blamed girls for wearing short skirts and drinking too much. It’s 2020 and it hurts to know that the girls are warned to dress up appropriately so that men don’t look at them. Rape also happens because of unethical porn websites that objectify women and give a wrong idea of how sex works.

Recent rape case at Washermenpet, Tamilnadu:

This incident took place very recently where an A 13-year-old girl was raped approximately eight-times per day. The mother of the 13-year-old had left her child at the relative’s home where she had been pushed to prostitution and has been raped almost by 400 people for almost two months. It’s also disgusting to know that an inspector has been arrested.

Rape cases must be probed within 2 months: Centre - The Statesman

Laws against rape in India:

Rape in India is an offense. India has many laws against rape. U/S 228A[2] of IPC read that no person could disclose the name of the rape victim and if anyone fails to do so, they would be given imprisonment and liable to fine. U/s 164 A[5] of code of criminal procedure, provisions for medical examination of a rape victim is given. The Indian law before the ‘Nirbhaya rape case’ only took into account the penile-vaginal intercourse. The rapist escaped because they do not fall under any classification given by the law. The laws then included forcible penetration of vagina, mouth, urethra, or anus through penis was then added to the law later.

The rapist also uses drugs that inhibit the victim’s memory. After 2012 gang-rape case, the Indian government carried out a ‘fast-track-court’ system to prosecute the rapist as soon as possible. Though some see it as an up-gradation yet the other people think that taking the decisions faster might lead the innocent individual’s life at stake too. Marital rape is not a criminal offense under the framework of India except when the partners are separated.

Editorial: Accurate Sex Education Is a Must for Valley to Thrive - GV WireSex Education:

Remember the time when your parents address the private parts calling it names like ‘shame shame’. Ignorance begins there. Adolescents fall in love very often. It’s completely normal to have an attraction towards the opposite sex. The adults must know that such relationships are based on consent and mutual understanding. We need to start inculcating sex education in the syllabus at a proper age. We should stop making conversation about ‘sex’ feel embarrassing. Stop using statements that don’t make sense like “boys will be boys”. These statements will only encourage rape culture. It’s important to know what consent means.

No is always no. Everyone has to explore their body. It’s high time we ban the websites that promote unethical porn degrading women and merely treating them as an object and a means to attain sexual needs. Parents should start giving a truthful answer to the child rather than giving answers that would confuse the child more. For instance, when the child asks,” where do babies come from? “and parents replying to them,” God sends the baby from heaven” is not the reasonable answer. The appropriate answer should be “when sperm and egg meet, a baby is born.

The first answer would make the child search on the internet which may provide the wrong information. Educate the child on pregnancy, menstruation, and sexually transmitted infections for both girls and boys. Stop making jokes that encourage rape culture. Help people to voice out against the humiliation they faced.

Happiness levels of girls and young women have dropped drastically in a decade, new research reveals | The Independent | The IndependentLife After Being A Rape Victim:

The victim shows a symptom of post-traumatic stress syndrome. There are two phases experienced in this syndrome. One is the acute phase in which the victim faces a range of emotions like crying and laughing inappropriately. The other is the recognition phase in which the victim reorganizes his/her life. This is acquired with the help of friends and family who are supportive. Life after being a victim of rape is not easy. We need to stop making the rape victims feel ashamed for the fault they did not commit. This trauma can make you feel scared, ashamed, and unpleasant feelings along with nightmares. You never believe in yourself and the world around you.

It’s completely fine to not want to talk about the incident that occurred but you need to speak out and reach for the help provided that you trust the person so that they may help you with the healing. If you feel that trusting a person you know might be hard, you can try to be in contact with a therapist. It’s important to keep reminding yourself about your strengths and that you can come out of any difficult situation. Many rapes in India go unreported because there is no proper evidence.

Sometimes there is also a false accusation made due to personal grudges against men. Men do get raped too but it goes hidden because they fail to speak out as society has set certain criteria for a man. It’s necessary that everyone, no matter what gender you belong to voice out the humiliation they faced.

Don’t tolerate any violence. Voice out!


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