Ravina Raj Kohli: India’s Most Prominent Media Professional

Ravina Raj Kohli has had quite an interesting career and educational endeavor which has embarked heights and aspirations like none other in the industry. Highly qualified, and experienced, Ravina is the founder and Executive Director of JobCorp. After having the longest career as a media professional in Star News, she started with her education once again because her learning had no limits and her growth knew no stagnancy. She got a degree in Psychology, Economics, and also Literature from the Bangalore University and yet again she pursued a diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism.

At the age of 30, she switched back to her learning journey and pursued a feature film making and broadcast news course at New York University. Kohli began her career in the advertising industry in a Singapore firm at JTW and worked there for about 6 years working in radio and television. Her work and talent soon caught the attention of one of the directors of Sony Entertainment Television and she was offered the position of Head of Content and Communication at Sony Entertainment Television. With her skill and leadership, she changed the phase of Sony Entertainment Television and took it from the 56th position to the top-ranked channels in the charts.

As successful as one would consider her, well, for her, it was just the beginning. As we said, she was not settling now and ever. She had in her the urge to accomplish and learn more than one could do in the whole lifetime. she then started serving as the CEO of Kerry Packer’s Channel 9 which made her the first female CEO in India’s television industry. After that, she soon took the CEO position of Rupert Murdoch’s Star News in the year 2003.

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Soon after she joined Star News, she worked for them around a year, and then she finally began her endeavors which ignited within her the spirit of being her own BOSS, and she started as an entrepreneur. She took a brief break to compensate her skill and talent into something that she can call her own and started and created her own production house and multimedia company for creating films and television content and named it Sundial Creative Media. As humble and fascinating a personality as she is, she did not only make herself one of the most successful entrepreneurs but also wanted to do the same for the youth especially the college graduates so that they can find themselves a potentially strong place in the workforce.

So, she founded JobCorp which helps individuals in the country to find jobs and employment opportunities. Married to Kunal Kohli, Ravina never failed to show her astounding personality or put herself out the way she is. She chose to take a path that most of us fear because we lack confidence, but her inspiring journey is a lesson for all those out there who have made themselves believe that they cannot do things on their own. Well, if she can, all women out there can. We guess Ravina couldn’t agree more.

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