Sarv Mangal Ho: Walk through the Stars!

Samarpit Kanwatia, is a Mumbai based acclaimed celebrity astrologer with an experience of more than 18 years having numerous clients, pan world. His dealing with multiple clients, which include successful personalities from different professions, has made him well researched to deliver his clients whatever they expect of him. His clients irrespective of their different castes, religions and nationalities have always benefited from his knowledge. He has intense knowledge on Vastu and Numerology and while consulting a client he likes to mix all three (Astrology, Numerology, Vastu) and provide an overall guide to his client.

In his own words “Astrology is a Vedic science, which needs to be studied well and then applied.

An astrologer has to be proficient in his calculations to read the planets and their positions well and only then guide his client. Howsoever one has to be responsible enough to understand that this can work in negative for people and their lives if not done efficiently.”

Motivation behind becoming an acclaimed celebrity astrologer


An astrologer or any occult science practising professional should always focus, be motivated and committed to give his best to his clients and keep working towards that. He will automatically become a celebrity with time as and how his clients benefit from him and talk about him. I too just worked on my craft and kept delivering results .One would be lying to say that one does not want fame and name but then all this a by-product of one being good in his line of work. One should not take the celebrity tag seriously, rather thank god for this adulation and respect, maintain humility and keep evolving and becoming better in one’s profession.


Factors, according to you, that make a good astrologer?


The only factor to be a good astrologer is to be truthful to your client. Astrologers are NOT GOD and they cannot change ones destiny. They can only decipher destinies so one should not resort to shortcuts, and provide wrong readings to the client. Being honest can depress / demotivate the client initially but he will respect you in the long run. Also suggestion of right remedies is a must. Never fleece or overcharge your client. “See to his benefit he will see to yours.”




Sarv Mangal Ho is an initiative through which we aim to reach out to society by consulting them and guiding them through the medium of occult science (Astrology, Vastu and Numerology).

IF people can understand and get to know their future correctly they can grow better.

Every successful person in society is an asset and if the whole society becomes an asset then that country becomes a global asset, assisting and helping humanity as a whole. “Sabka Mangal Sabki tarakki.”


Message Via Astrology

“The only message I want to convey to all my online readers is that take benefit of this beautiful Vedic science and make your life better. Never be scared of this science. Zindagi ko behter banao kyonki zindagi bahut khoobsurat hai. Astrology is a powerful tool USE it well.” concludes Samarpit.


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