Satyam Soni – Personal Branding And Brand Engagement Pioneer In India

“Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.”- Marty Neumeier.
Rightly expressed by Marty, branding is a concept that involves creativity, strategy, and, more importantly, appropriate placement. With the cutting edge competition, the need to establish one as a brand is significant. Nevertheless, the process is not easy, and this is where Branding experts can help you out.

Satyam Soni, one of the youngest Personal Branding and Brand Engagement Experts, rightly sets himself as the most successful entrepreneur. Belonging from a small town of Unao in Madhya Pradesh, it is very difficult to run a digital agency from the village where broadband is not available and internet speed is very poor. He started his journey while studying B.Tech in 2017 from University of Delhi. Working with his brother Bhanu Soni by setting up the online grocery store, he started his digital journey.
Keenness to learn and enthusiasm proved to be the first stepping stone in establishing the Personal Branding and Brand management organization, Western Panda. With a team of 20+ excellent members who excel in website designing, application management, content writing, and various other aspects of Brand Management, Satyam Soni has managed to offer his uncanny services to 200+ companies, Educational Institutes and startups as well as to many politicians.
Moving ahead with vision and passion, Satyam follows a strategic approach to Brand Management that ensures positive results with no loopholes. Over years of growth, Satyam has assured that his approach might change, but his doors are open for anyone to discuss the inception phase, making him an icon of high serviceability.

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Travelling around India and communicating to various potential clients worldwide, Satyam is a hard worker and purser of high detailing in his work. Aiming to groom his clients and transform them, he seeks to create influencers of tomorrow. A simple, down-to-earth, and energetic person, who believes emotional bonds between loyal customers and brand can push the brand image to the next level, Satyam Soni is ready to turntables for all individuals and brands.

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