Should a Start-up invest in paid ads or focus on organic growth?

The most common obstacle Start-ups face these days is the lack of time and money. And, until a Start-up is being backed up by investors, each penny you spend becomes an expense and not an investment. An upcoming enterprise has to deal with a myriad of tasks and the lack of sufficient funding makes the objective a time-consuming undertaking. So let’s take a look at whether a Start-up should focus on Paid Ads or Organic Growth.

What is Organic Growth?

Organic growth covers the increase in customer base, overall popularity increment, increased reach per representative, and naturally growing sales output. Any growth that takes place due to the in-house teams’ efforts can be considered as organic growth. Any progress resulting from mergers, acquisitions, and other external sources should not be considered as part of organic growth.

What are Paid Ads?

Advertisement space on the internet that you have to pay to display your content is called a Paid Ad. Marketers or Brand owners can buy a certain space on the internet to display their Ads through Paid Advertising. The price of the Ad depends on the popularity of the keywords and a bidding process settled between the marketers and the Ad space owners.

Now, if your organization is not generating any revenue you should not approach an external agency as SEO takes a few months to show good results, as bearing the expenses without revenue is going to be a tough job. SEO is a long-term strategy and if you plan on hiring an agency and ceasing the SEO plan mid-way, the SEO strategy would not achieve its full potential and won’t benefit as much as it could. So what do you do in such a scenario? You can try paid advertising. Paid advertising connects people who are ready to buy, with people who sell that particular product/service. Paid advertising will direct you to immediate results and potential buyers. It is not necessary that each potential buyer will convert into a customer, but the probability is definitely high.

There are quite a few benefits to paid advertising such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook Ads. These Paid Ads are based on ‘pay per click’, which means you have to pay for the Ad only if a customer clicks on your Ad. If the person reads your Ad and does not click, it is not a hit and you don’t have to pay a penny for it. Another amazing feature is that these Ad campaigns can be executed on a daily or weekly basis, it’s not necessary to opt for a monthly package. You can try and test if a one day campaign proves beneficial to you if it is generating immediate clients and your investment is generating enough revenue to make a breakeven, you are certain Paid Ads are generating the market exposure without incurring losses.

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In conclusion, if your Start-up is at a stage where you’re generating enough revenue to invest in SEO, opt for increasing your organic growth. But, if you’re still struggling with your breakeven, opt for Paid Ads in small bursts to find the sweet spot that covers up your investment as well as expands your reach to new audiences. We at Reverse Thought can help you devise a strategy that suits your company and help you grow to unimaginable heights. For a Free Demo get in touch with us at:

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