Strategic Ventures Fund II Launches $50 Million Growth Accelerator Fund For Entrepreneurs

India, New Delhi, September 23, 2019: Strategic Ventures Fund II has launched a $50 million growth accelerator early stage fund to engage with entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Indo – ASEAN area.

SVF II reflects its GPs strong belief in entrepreneurship as a vehicle for creating new businesses, enhancing the efficiencies coefficient of existing businesses and increasing productivity parameters using technology as a lever.

SVFII is the brainchild of four seasoned investors who have been entrepreneurs themselves and have a long history of mutual association.

HP Singh: Chairman, Satin Creditcare

Atim Kabra: Founder, Frontline Strategy Funds

V. Raman Kumar: Chairman, Aeries Technology Group

Mukesh Dave: Co-Founder, Aravali Investment Management

HP Singh has an experience of 35 years in building up entrepreneurs. He brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs & believes that while a successful entrepreneur is a product of hard work and perseverance; correct & timely advice and introductions to relevant sales channels can make a dramatic impact on an early stage venture’s ability to prosper.

V. Raman Kumar is the founder of CBay Systems/MModal, a healthcare documentation and voice recognition technology company, which he sold in excess of $1bn in 2012. Since then he has turned an investor and serial entrepreneur. He runs Aeries Technology Group and CASHe and is on the board of T-Hub Hyderabad.

Atim Kabra runs Frontline Strategy Group, an alternative investment platform and has been a prolific investor in early stage companies for over 15 years.

Mukesh Dave is the Co-founder of Aravali Investment Manager which runs a successful global arbitrage fund.

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J. Diwan, founder of Odyssey Asset Management, Vipin Aggarwal, Jyoti Prakash, Dinesh Kamath form the core of the investment team based in India.

Atim Kabra, Director of Strategic Ventures Fund II said, “The fund targets a portfolio of hundred companies over the next 48 months. Focus would be on risk assessed, disciplined, early stage investing in curated high traction start-ups. Investment targets would be technology driven, technology enabled, technology differentiated companies across industries which can scale up significantly with the assistance of accelerants SVF II intends to provide.  To widen its deal funnel technical advisor, SVF II has appointed Startup-O, a leading start-up assessment and venture building platform in South East Asia region, as its technical advisor. 

We will have value addition of algorithmic process driven funnel to short list companies for evaluation through our technical advisors. Further deal curation will be done by a highly experienced, multi skilled team with stellar track record in early stage investing”, added Kabra.

The technical advisor may showcase the opportunity to a set of co-investors for subsequent matching investment.  

The firm intends to utilize the network of sponsors, board members and co investors to provide a measurable boost to sales of portfolio companies. It will leverage a strong team of notable business leaders and proven company builders with vast reach in the region to add substantial value to portfolio companies.

The ability to add value though sales funnel enlargement would be a key metrics while evaluating an investment.

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