Success Tale Of Kunal Dron – Conquering The Summit Of Your Niche

What a digital marketer goes through or does is equivalent to working behind the

curtain. And people from this area of work deserve a pat on their backs due to their earnest project completion rates. This is not to downgrade workers of other industries, rather set the perfect example of what a successful career in any field appears to be.


The tale of Kunal Dron:

With an efficient and effective skillset having been built around him at the age of 20, Kunal Dron (from Solan, Himachal Pradesh) has been hitting balls out of the park when it comes to digital marketing. He began his journey into the industry with humble advertisements and Facebook promotions during the year of 2014, and has grown into the behemoth he is today, six years later. Thanks to his extremely prudent utilization of the Internet, he carved his niche within the field by building up on pre-existing information about the field.


An ever-perseverent vision:

Time marched on, but Kunal worked harder every passing day, and did not give up. His dedication towards his work has always been the primary reason for overcoming any hurdle strewn about in his path. With patience, he managed to face every problem he encountered, transforming all negative points into his strengths. He yearned to engage with more people and as a leading marketing consultant, his focus is to network with more people; that has motivated him to keep moving forward with digital marketing consultations. His company is doing great, and the results of his hardwork are all the affirmation required.


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The fruits of his labour:

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Klassy Media Entertainment, and is a well-known reliable digital marketer. From promoting brands and songs to managing artists, he has a huge list of tips that have made him extremely efficient in this field.He has managed many artists from Bollywood and Pollywood, with his list of promoted songs having crossed 300.


Lessons to be learnt:

Manners maketh man, and in Kunal’s case, it is his notions that keep him an admirable personality. He believes and abides by learning; according to him, it is “the best way to explore a new version of ourselves.” If you are looking for an efficacious manager for your promotions, or looking for tips from an expert in the field of digital marketing, he is always open for communication.


Not only does Kunal Dron sets an example of a successful digital marketing consultant’s career,  he is also the perfect example of dedication, hard work, and success at any working age. Having proven himself to be the El Jefe of his niche, he has proven himself to be the ace of his work and whim. For his successful future, we wish him good luck.

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