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SucSEED backs two young ambitious entrepreneurs who are on vision to make bike commuting safe, comfortable and happy!!

SucSEED venture partners expanding its investment horizon into automobile segment by investing into Sepal. Sepal was founded in 2017 by Vidhey Addepally and Sriram Kashyap. Sepal is aiming at making biking more enjoyable and comfortable by not letting climate dictate riders travel plan. The extended canopy coupled with the water-repellent windshield to ensure riders have a smooth and comfortable ride whether it is scorching or showering outside. Team has applied user centric design in arriving the product which can be used globally.

With Sepal, a rider can get a sense of Safety, Security and comfort that never has been experienced

Founders started the idea of Sepal when Vidhey was studying at IIT Bombay. Sepal was incubated in Desai Sethi centre for entrepreneurship, IIT Bombay. SucSEED lead the investment along with few other angel investors. The investment amount will be crucial for Sepal in expanding the product development activities and penetrating the last-mile delivery market.

Commenting on the fund raise, Vidhey Addepally, co-founder of Sepal, said, “SucSEED has been helping us to prioritize the key value props of our product & streamline our efforts. This enabled us to build a very sustainable growth strategy”

Speaking on why SucSEED has invested in Sepal, Saurabh Sharma, an Active Investor, with SucSEED, said “Sepal founders bring a lot of energy along with design concepts to improve the huge two wheeler community and enhance their riding experience. India overtook China as the largest producer of two wheelers (23 million in 2017-18 alone) and if SEPAL product is received well in the market, it could be part of Custom-offering from the Bike Manufacturers too. SEPAL’s ideas on expanding this design concept to include music, news and lots of other services while riding the bike attracted me as an investor”.

Vikrant Varshney, Cofounder & Partner, SucSEED, said “Globally 2-wheeler industry amounts to $190Bn market and in India alone, we have over 200 million 2-wheelers on roads. SucSEED believes that there are extraordinary opportunities in India today in Automobile Segment due to reliance on vehicles for personal commute, various transportation & delivery needs. When it comes to an accessory like SEPAL’s, the market potential could be around $10Bn within India. Besides 2-wheeler owners using it for personal commute, there is also a growing tribe of Business delivery runners with huge focus on timely delivery of food items Domino & PizzaHut/ Zomato/ Swiggy, Grocery by Bigbasket/ Grofers, Consumables by amazon/flipkart, Documents & Couriers by Fedex/ DHL/ India Post etc. which will all get positively benefitted with this innovation, to face difficult weather conditions, if manufactured at right efficiency and marketed well.

SEPAL is one such innovation and we are impressed with energy and passion of founders who are going after ambitious plan to make bike ride safe and enjoyable. We are confident that Sepal will be household name soon”

Boilerplate – About Skavion Auto Pvt Ltd (SEPAL) (stealth mode)

SEPAL is a team led by an Engineer from IIT-Bombay and Designer from LEEDS, U.K developing a solution for an age-old problem that millions of bike riders are suffering from daily. Sepal provides all the bike riders with complete environmental protection, entirely on-demand. Also, it comes with a connected mobility platform to provides users with all the IOT comforts present in modern cars.

Problem(s) being addressed:

    • Driving a 2-wheeler can be an extremely frustrating experience. People loathe to travel on their bikes during summers and monsoons. Pollution and traffic further worsen the experience

    • 2-wheelers are devoid of any technological advancements unlike cars. The riders continue to struggle with navigation and call notification during commutes due to lack of a proper platform. And streaming media was never an option unlike cars.


  1. Sepal is a collapsible canopy that can be quickly attached to any motorcycle and it forms a compact shape that has no effect on one’s driving experience. When required, it can be opened in seconds to give the riders complete environmental protection from Sun, Rain, Dust and even Cold, only on-demand.

  2. Further, Sepal comes integrated with a HUD, and a well-designed user-interface for safe operation. With such a platform, users can access comforts like navigation, call answering, music streaming etc. on the go!!

Pictures of the Product: Drive link

Co-Founders –

  • Vidhey Addepally, completed his B.Tech from IIT-Bombay in Civil Engineering.

  • Sriram Kashyap, completed his B.Arch from Sinhagad university Pune, and Completed parametric design from the LEEDS University, UK.

Market Potential in this space

The 2-wheeler industry of India is the largest worldwide. Within India itself there are over 200 million 2-wheelers on roads. And world-wide, the 2-wheeler industry amounts to $190Bn market.

When it comes to an after-market accessory like SEPAL’s, the market potential could be around $10Bn within India. Given the criticality of the problem SEPAL is addressing, we hope to capture a big chunk of this multi-billion-dollar market potential.

BoilerPlate – About SucSEED Venture Partners

SucSEED Venture Partners, founded in 2016, is one of the fastest growing Angel Network, with a combination of CXO level Corporate Professionals, Technology Angels, Business Leaders and Serial Entrepreneurs, who have come together to fuel the growth of Indian Startup System at early stage, with provision of growth capital, organizing access to market and Business mentoring. SucSEED’s Investment Strategy is primarily targeted at Growth stage in post revenue startups involved in “Innovation for Mass” or Use cases with real problem statements using emerging Technology.

SucSEED has been investing in Fintech, Edtech, Real-estate Technology, HR Tech & Expert Network, Enterprise SAAS, Analytics space primarily, but also open to support in other areas. SucSEED facilitates & raise seed funding through Angel investments and provide support towards Venture Capital to such entities and teams. SucSEED’s investment in OckyPocky, XploraBox, SRJNA and LetzConnect, helped them complete the EdTech lifecycle from K-12, STEAM to College and beyond through Tapchief. With their Fintech Investments in Paymatrix, Insense, Stockal and two rounds of funding in i2iFunding they have penetration in Payments, Card Analytics, Wealth Management and P2P Lending space in FinTech arena. SucSEED has recently entered into MediaTech & Publishing Space with investment in LeadStart.

SucSEED network comprises of professionals and entrepreneurs who extensively mentor the investee startups. The investors are senior industry leaders with extensive domain knowledge and peer networks, assist in creating a structure to support start-ups and further enhance the ecosystems. Startups will get to leverage the expertise of individual investors who are part of initiative and share their expertise in Sales & Marketing, Finance, Systems and Technology, Risk, Legal & Compliance, Human Resources & training.


For further information on SucSEED or on this Investment, please contact:

For further information on SEPAL or on this round, please contact:

The Content Team of SucSEED Venture Partners, Hyderabad.


Vidhey Addepally

Cofounder of Sepal, Hyd




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