Taking over the gaming niche as a true blue professional is Atiq Ahmed, aka MrSoomro

His passion, determination, and commitment to achieve excellence in the gaming industry have brought him to the forefront of the same.
Even if we try to discuss the many success stories the world has seen so far across business niches and fields, it still feels that much more discussions are needed to be held around these individuals, as their stories and journeys go ahead in creating a profound impact on people across the globe, having the potential to inspire them and fill their minds and hearts with much hope and positivity. The gaming and streaming niche is one that has so far welcomed multiple talents worldwide; however, only a few have gone ahead in making it count even amidst much competition. We came across one such passionate and driven professional who has been making it huge in the gaming niche as a streamer and content creator; he is Atiq Ahmed, aka MrSoomro from Karachi, Pakistan.
From an early age, if anything that ever attracted Atiq Ahmed, it was anything and everything related to the gaming world. He saw the constant growth of the industry and how people could achieve success by constantly innovating and evolving as a modern-day streamer and gamer. This encouraged the youngster to set foot into the field as a gamer and the rest is history. MrSoomro is the name he adopted after he entered the field and went ahead to create his unique niche in the same, which is a great feat to achieve, looking at the saturation of the gaming markets.
The subject of Esports has been something that has been on a constant rise ever since and still, much more attention needs to be given to the same, believes MrSoomro. This need is something that has now encouraged the youngster to lead an initiative to introduce Electronic Sports (Esports) as a subject of academic study to Pakistan. His growing presence across social media platforms has allowed Atiq Ahmed to optimize these followings to influence the mindsets and thinking of people towards gaming in Pakistan.
MrSoomro says that he felt it was high time for Pakistan to embrace Esports as a legitimate area of study and the time has already come, for which he feels much elated and excited. Further speaking on the same, the young gamer and influencer explain that Esports has grown beyond being only an activity; it is a business, and learning the same can relate to corporate and sports management study, which can add up to the economy of the region.
Right now, the young gaming talent enjoys playing PUBG mobile and is working hard each day to prepare himself for more competitive environments. To know more about MrSoomro, follow him on Instagram @mrsoomroofficial and visit his page on YouTube.

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