Khizer Ishtiaq : Young Growing Freelancer and Entrepreneur

Everyone has some desires and ambitions. Today’s entrepreneurs are innovating new ideas to conquer the business world. What makes it tangy is that a large pool of youngsters is coming ahead, stepping into the world of business.

The next step should be a success, but being at a young age, not everyone knows to clinch the opportunities. There should be immense efforts put in, but there should be no fear of failure.

Failure should be the word unknown to the successful person. You will fail once or twice, but you are going to make it at least on the final attempt, just like Eddison did when he was about to be sentenced to death on maximum failures.

Khizer Ishtiaq: Founder of Zerteck Digital

In today’s era, Khizer Ishtiaq is the name of success – youngster determined to his goals since grade eight of the school. Where everywhere was looking for good grades, his mind was present more in the ideas for generating revenue from the business. 

Significantly, fewer youngsters become that successful as Khizer is as he preferred never to give up the strategy. Since his young age, he liked being self-taught rather than joining an academy to learn multiple skills.

Today, he owns a digital marketing agency, named ZerteckDigital serving its clients the best of digital business-related services that offers branding, web development or design & digital marketing services.

Not only this, but Khizer Ishtiaq is also one of the immensely successful freelancers with approved profiles having thousands of satisfied customers.

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