The experiment of coronavirus vaccine on animals started in India, hopefully desired results will come in 4-6 months

  • Indian company Zydus Cadila is developing Corona vaccine
  • This company had also made a vaccine for swine flu

There is good news towards prevention of new corona virus (covid-19) infection. The initial test of coronavirus vaccine on animals has started in India itself. Results will take 4-6 months to arrive. If everything goes well, a positive result is expected. Gujarat-based veteran group Zydus Cadila is working on this vaccine. In a conversation with media, managing director of the company, Sharvil Patel confirmed that – We are working on the vaccine of covid-19. Started its trial on animals. This is a time consuming process. We hope that we will succeed in this. It is noteworthy that Zydus Cadila was the first one to prepare the vaccine for swine flu spread in 2010 in India.

The vaccine has been in operation since March: In March itself, the company had reported that we had started a research program to develop the vaccine for the coronavirus. Company sources said that in the current situation, the entire process and its result may take 4-6 months to arrive. The researchers will proceed based on the test results on the testing on animals.

Significant involvement in production of hydroxychloroquine: Hydroxychloroquine, known to be effective in treating malaria, is produced in India by Ipca Laboratories and Zydus Cadila on largest scale. According to pharma experts, these two companies account for more than 80% of the total production of hydroxychloroquine in India. Zydus Cadila is capable of producing 20 tonnes of hydroxychloroquine per month.

India lifts ban, demand for hydroxychloroquine will increase: Government of India on Tuesday lifted the ban on export of 28 drugs, including hydroxychloroquine. It is understood that US President Donald Trump spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday in the context of lifting this ban so that America can get enough medicines. Scientists say that hydroxychloroquine is the most effective malaria drug in the treatment of coronavirus. The United States has recently relaxed the rules for medicines imported from India.

No dependence on China for raw materials, no supply problems: The Indian pharmaceutical industry is worried due to the Coronavirus and covid-19 outbreak in China, the reason is many companies depend to a large extent on China for raw materials. However, Zydus Cadila differs in this regard. The company’s managing director, Sherville Patel, said Zydus is not very dependent on China. Normally we go with a 60 -90 day inventory. Due to the coronavirus, there will be no difficulty in supply for us. It has not had much impact on us as a company.

Indian companies will increase production of hydroxychloroquine: With a goal to control the corona outbreak, the Indian government has asked pharmaceutical companies to ensure production and supply of hydroxychloroquine. The government has ordered to make 10 crore tablets of hydroxychloroquine from leading companies like Zydus and Ipca Laboratories. This batch is sufficient to treat 50 to 60 lakh corona patients. Apart from this, the excess production can be exported to other countries including America. Both of the companies are ready to increase the production of hydroxychloroquine keeping in mind the increasing demand.

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