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Home Stories The Odd Acquisition of Google and Motorola Which Certainly Faced Non Compliance..!

The Odd Acquisition of Google and Motorola Which Certainly Faced Non Compliance..!

It was in August of 2011 that Google bided to acquire Motorola, and for the entire business giant across the world it looked like more of the savoir of android. The deal was found to be on a massive amount of about 12.5 billion USD. Which was approximately equivalent to 63% of its trading price?  This was a very high value to astonish the shareholders.

There was an intensive battle of the industry wide band patent battle among the android manufacturers like HTC , Samsung and Motorola which was facing patent infringement case by the operating system giants Apple, Microsoft, oracle . The acquisition of Motorola by Google was also seen as a validating way  out to seek protection of the viability , not only this with the joint partnership  Google also assured that Motorola mobility shall run as  an independent identity on a whole.


The empowering acquisition

Initially as a part of this abled acquisition the concept of keeping the Motorola mobile division as a separate entity was found unusual as even at that certain point of time Google was holding its own product portfolio of smartphones and tablets of nexus.  But with time the collaboration certainly strengthened the android platform in varied perspectives.

This acquisition was a measurable competitive advantage which Google wanted to take upon its competitors like HTC and Samsung in the mobility sector. Ever since Google has initiated with the ramification of android there was always a dearth of patent backbone to Google, but as a part of this acquisition numerous patent came along the way of collaboration.

In the median of those patent ongoing battles Google made an intrinsic way out for more than 24,500 patents added upon to its emerging portfolio. Motorola was on a notes one of the most impressive mobility holder having launched the world’s first portable cell in the past, nearly 30 years ago.


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Motorolans Gets Added up to the family of Googlers.

The acquisition was certainly aimed to have collectively paved way to an supercharged and amazing user friendly experience which could prove beneficial to the entire supporting infrastructure of consumers, partners and even the brainstorming developers..

Even the CEO of Motorola mobility Sanjay Jha stated that the collaboration between Google and Motorola had also offered an impulsive value to the majority of shareholders and also is indeed giving way to the pool of opportunities to capable employee workforce. The partnership was certainly quoted to make the android platform reach pinnacle of best deliverable services.

Motorola was then selled off to Lenovo

Finally it was almost after 3 years of acquisition that Google decide to lay off the Motorola division to Lenovo leading to the termination of this technological drove acquisition. Of all the various plausible reason which could be cited for the same: the foremost being the initially Google has bought Motorola only for the sake of patent, and not to set up its manufacturing unit as a whole. Motorola had an ample patent collection entitled to it which could be readily use to counteract against the apple patents attack on the android license holders.

Google had used a split based ideology to trade of the Motorola acquisition. They manned to sell the set top box business and about 1000 patents s in December 2012 to Arris for about 2.35 billion USD value. And then further looked upon to sell their handset business division and of 2000 patent in terms of 2.91 billion USD to  

Another reason which could be cited for this sell off would be that Google was baptised as a neutral corporation which was using the operating system for many vendors which has notably widespread circulation as compare to the Motorola division in general. It was evident of these assertions that Google has indeed made a wise profitable decision.



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