The Rise And Fall Of A Liar And Decietful Swami: Nithyananda, Who Conned The Whole World And Turned Spirituality As A Way To Feed His Hunger – Power, Money, Sex And Influence!

Spirituality is a very sacred phenomenon; it cannot be bought or sold like a mere object in the marketplace. It needs deep questioning and an inner search toward finding the truth. Once on that path, it requires commitment, dedication, and a depth that is not akin to floating oil on the water's surface. Having said that, while there have been 'enlightened souls' like Budda and Mahavira and so many more who have walked on the soils of India, there is no account of them having created kingdoms or indulging in miracles. However, one run-of-the-mill factory product at that has turned this entire 'sacred inner journey' into a shop that sells 'enlightenment', indulges in performing miracles, and peddles lies all in the garb of a spiritual guru so much so that he has gone on to con the entire world with a fake country, a mere runaway who is accused of being a sexual predator!

Nithyananda, a self-proclaimed spiritual guru and an absconder from India, has successfully cheated the entire world by proclaiming a country that is nothing short of a (his) empire, a fake island nation called Kailaasa.

The story of this self-proclaimed godman, Nithyananda, is an example of how a person can use deception and manipulation to build their own kingdom, and personal wealth, create a cult following, and indulge in lies, deceit and sexual inappropriateness with innocent followers. 

It also shows us how easy it is for people to be taken in by false promises and how difficult it can be to escape from such a situation once they are trapped.

He has used false promises and dubious tactics to lure people into his kingdom and make them believe that he is an all-knowing leader. His empire has grown exponentially over the past few years, and it seems that he will continue to grow in power as more people get drawn into his web of lies.

So who is this sari-clad, big-haired over-the-top-bun conman who has managed to pull one of the biggest cons not on just a nation but the whole wide world?


The Start Of The Con, The Early Days Of The Con Man

Born in 1977 in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, his birth date is a bit of a mystery. While a 2003 United States visa gave a date of 13 March 1977, on the other hand, a sworn affidavit in a 2010 Karnataka High Court case mentioned 1 January 1978, his name – Arunachalam Rajasekaran.

While not much is known of his early childhood, according to this swami, he started practising yoga when he was (hold your breath) three years old, but dont all babies that young practise and pull off poses that may be very difficult for adults!

He says that he ‘achieved’ enlightenment (as if enlightenment is an achievement; perhaps he climbed mount Everest then) when he was 12 years; he claims to have started his ‘fake’ spiritual journey at the age of 17, and he disappeared from the scene only to emerge in 2003. 

In 2003, he transitioned from Rajasekaran to (Swami) Nithyananda, self-proclaimed and went on to found a religious organization, Nithyananda DhyanaPeetam.

Thus began his spree of opening ashrams, temples, and gurukuls, offering (money-making) meditation, yoga and fitness courses. 


The Start Of Exploitation – Followers, Money and Sex

What is the best and easiest way to get followers? 

Why, performing miracles indeed? If you can get ash out of thin air or perhaps levitate, anyway, this swami managed to brainwash his followers and garner new ones by selling theories.

The same run-of-the-mill theories, like accessing different dimensions of the universe that make up for exciting movies or reading books, or unlocking other states of consciousness (where is his conscious state when he made up a so-called country that doesn’t exist or perhaps it does but just in a different dimension of the universe and conned the whole world) in fact so brash is this person that he even went on to negate Einstein!

Spinning Thy Money!

Here is a perfect example of how a self-proclaimed guru can take your hard-earned money for himself to build a lavish kingdom and quench his lust!

His social media handle has a massive following of people (?) nearly 

350,000 followers on youtube, more than 50,000 on Twitter, and over 30,000 on Instagram; thus, he has successfully created his own cult by having a certain grasp on his followers. 

His estimated net worth is approximately 10,000 crore rupees, meaning over 1.2 billion dollars.

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Quenching Thy Thirst – Lust/Sex

Somewhere after enlightenment and so much good done until 2010, a scandalous tape emerged showing this enlightened soul indulging in sexual acts with a Tamil actress (who set up the camera?)

And the best comedy award goes to – Nithyananda – for according to him, he was actually practising yoga asana with her and the maha disclosure that he is ‘impotent’.

However, later he claimed that the video was morphed and fake, but this did not stop the actress from filing a complaint in Bengaluru; the enlightened being was arrested from Himachal Pradesh but was let off on bail. 

Two years later, he again came into the news; this time, a US-based woman claimed that Nitinanda had abused her for five years. However, his esteemed followers thought this was a great injustice to their leader and ran amock attacking media in his Karnataka Ashram. 

The state’s Chief Minister ordered his arrest; however, he, in turn, filed a defamation case against the state. 

In 2019, another FIR was filed against him, this time by a couple from Tamil Nadu who moved to Gujarat High Court. They alleged that Nitinanda had abducted and tortured their two daughters, and they were illegally confined at his Ashram in Gujarat. Gujarat police investigated his Ashram, and two of his disciples were arrested. The state issued a non-bailable warrant for Nitinanda. 

However, as most wanted do, he fled the country and disappeared!

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The Journey To Kailaasa, The Re-Emergence And Fooling The World!

To everyone’s surprise, the world had yet to acknowledge that there was a country that no one ever knew of, no textbooks ever covered it, no history and nowhere on the map – Welcome To Kailassa!

The notorious man had indeed made a country out of nowhere and emerged on the scene in 2020; he had managed to buy an island off the coast of Ecuador (whose money?), claimed it to be a new country, it even has an official website which talks about diplomatic relations and even global recognition. It dishes out information from economic policies and currency to health care, food, and education.

The United Nations And The United States – Oh Lord!

I am guessing that in between the tensions prevailing between the United States and China, the U.S., despite boasting of the best intelligence and so many well-known forces – the CIA, the FBI, and not to talk of the armed forces, all were not surprised to get to know of a country that they never heard off! 

Even the United Nations was not spared; in February, two representatives from Kailaasa actually attended a United Nations meeting in Geneva. 

And this is not even the end of it; the representatives of this fictional country have been flying across the globe on diplomatic missions; mayor Ross Baraka invited a delegation since he wanted the fictional country to join into a sister city partnership, even a ceremony was held, pleasantries were exchanged, and a deal was signed!

The agreement lasted for six days before the authorities recognized the sham. 

In fact, this fictional country has signed sister city agreements with not one, not two, but 30 U.S. cities! 

Those who bought this island are believed to have been purchased by some influential devotees. 

Conclusion: The Conman and self-proclaimed guru Nithyananda built an empire with his fake claims and rode on the riches of influential and wealthy followers who should know better.

A conman who not only conned the whole world but a man who has downright taken advantage of the rich spiritual heritage of this country has made a mockery of truly realized souls and the path of spirituality. 

He has amassed huge followers, and wealth, only to give himself more power and has, in the process, sexually exploited many (reported and unreported cases), all this only to satisfy one being and one thing – himself and his lust (wealth, influence, sex and power)


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