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The usage of ChatGPT has been restrained in Bengaluru-based colleges, the threat the AI-powered technology possess in the education sector

ChatGPT usage has increased recently. On the internet, its popularity has exploded. The OpenAI GPT-3 language model is the foundation for the chatbot. With user-entered prompts, the technology enables consumers to interact with AI.

But recently, new users have caused ChatGPT’s servers to become overcrowded. The users can now use the incredibly valuable and fascinating AI bot. The general public has been impressed by its ability to compose academic writings, speeches, and responses to philosophical inquiries about life.

Technology leaders have embraced the application, emphasizing how revolutionary it will be for businesses.
But, the chatbot needs to be taken better by various institutions.

‘Threats of ChatGPT to the educational sector are overburdening’

The dean of the school of Computer Sciences, Sanjay Chitnis, has issued an advisory for the students stating that chatbots such as ChatGPT or Blackbox should not be used for submissions. It includes coders in the programming courses for the first years and answers to questions.

The RV university’s policies were brought into enforcement on January 1 when it banned the utilization of ChatGPT during labs and tutorial sessions. Moreover, the college has stated that it will undergo random inspection asking the students to reproduce the content. If any significant difference is found between the assignments, the college will take disciplinary action against them.

ChatGPT was launched in November. It uses AI to solve questions, write essays or poems and generate codes based on prompts. The chatbot operates and conversationally answers questions. GitHub is another chatbot that simplifies coding by turning the prompted language into code.


The college’s advisory has further stated that the students will be allowed to use the chatbots for some purposes, which require higher productivity and get adapted to an environment where the agents will operate simultaneously. In such cases, the college expects that the output will be completed in a shorter span and consist of larger work than what the students can handle.

At the same time, the International Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore has assigned a committee to create a framework for the utilization of such chatbots. The director stated that ChatGPT is generic and can be used in coding for simple programming or writing a simple document.


Plagiarism is another issue of concern in such non-technical subjects, and most of the subjects in the university are technical, where ChatGPT does not have any functionality.

He has added that the committee will come for rules and regulations for the utilization of ChatGPT.

The Vice Chancellor of Dayananda Sagar University has suggested that they would make the assignments more technical and mathematical, which may not be possible to solve using ChatGPT.

Christ University’s Vice Chancellor has met with the department heads, stating that ChatGPT assignments should no longer be considered for evaluation. If the assignments are considered for assessment, the students will have to work during class hours. Assignments will no longer be used for assessment because of the increased chances of malpractice and plagiarism.

In addition to the education sector, tech firms such as Amazon have grown wary about ChattGPT asking its employees not to share sensitive information. Amazon has warned the employees to not enter any confidential data on ChatGPT. AI technology has been used by employees daily to solve problems.

They are using the chatbot to answer job interview questions, write codes for the software, and create training documents. However, a corporate attorney has asked the employees to not use the service as the chatbot was found to duplicate the internal data. He has stated that it is crucial because the inputs could be used for further reiteration of the chatbot, and they do not want the outputs to be similar to the confidential information.

Reports have shown that the employees were impressed by the chatbot’s abilities. The software could satisfactorily solve customer help questions and create high-level training documents. In addition, it has assisted the engineers in reviewing codes with optimum results.

In addition, Google has even stated that the Chatbot possess a threat to the company’s search engine and is working as a rival.

The automated tasks by ChatGPT could prove to be a threat to humans as the value of the associated skills will decrease significantly. It may decrease the potential of education in the respective fields.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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