This Indian Political Party Becomes Asia’s First Blockchain Enabled Party

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this indian political party becomes asias first blockchain enabled party

Almost a year back we wrote a piece about how blockchain is also being utilized in electronic voting systems in several countries, with a strong possibility in India as well. Now in what turns out to be a rightful prediction, a political party in India called Democratic Party of India (DPI), a registered political party with Election Commission of India, has signed a deal with MiVote, an international direct democracy NGO, to become the first Blockchain enabled Political Party in Asia.
In a partnership with MiVote, which is nothing less than historical, DPI will adopt global MiVote model wherein it will determine all policy positions through a blockchain-enabled democratic platform that will ask every Indian citizen their preferred direction for their community.
MiVote, which is a decentralised model of community decision-making that prohibits special interest group influence, corporate money and career politicians, announced its India entry in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, has supposedly received positive responses in India for its “policy framework, governance model and technology platform
Founded in 2011, by Adam Jacoby, MiVote is also in talks with over 20 countries besides India and the US, including Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Malaysia, for adaptation of its blockchain-enabled direct democracy platform to their communities.
About the Democratic Party of India, it was established in 1961 and was registered by the Election Commission of India in the year 1989. The Party was revived in 2018 with a vision towards Socio-Economic empowerment of Citizens starting from the most deprived sections of the society with a stern focus on Inclusive development, and a commitment to ensure that the most marginalised and disconnected members of the community have genuine representation. The DPI already boasts more than 3 million members across India in the first 60 days since its relaunch.
DPI is now the world’s first political party to adopt the global MiVote model.
Blockchain, which is the same technology that underpins Bitcoin, ie being used by MiVote by replacing ‘Bitcoins’ with voting tokens. Each transaction is a vote added to a public record, which can then be tallied and audited by anyone who chooses to do so. Thanks to the workings of Blockchain technology, once a vote has been added to the record, it can never be changed or removed – it now exists in perpetuity.
In MiVote blockchain voting solution, if anyone tries to dishonestly modify one or more records it will cause the new information to be rejected by the rest of the network, as their collective understanding of the record will not be the same, thereby providing unprecedented confidences and assurances, which a traditional online voting systems could not.
Founder and Chief Steward of the Global MiVote movement, Adam Jacoby, having spent ten days with the MiVote India team, headed by Joydeep Mondal, and the leadership team of the DPI in Delhi commented, “MiVote is thrilled to have found a group of people so committed to the principles of genuine democracy. The Democratic Party of India will be a wonderful steward of the MiVote model and will provide the people of India with a political choice, unlike anything they have seen before.”
The National President of the Democratic Party of India, Captain G.S. Rathee, said on partnership with Mivote, “The association with MiVote will not only empower the vision of the party, rather it will also give a direction towards development and strengthening the democratic behavior of India.”
“The Democratic Party of India is ready to contest the 2019 Parliamentary Elections in all states across India. Party candidates will also contest the upcoming 2018 Assembly elections in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.”
The election symbol for the Democratic Party of India, allotted by the Election Commission of India, is POT.
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