Top 10 GST Billing Softwares in India 2021

After the introduction of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) in the country, GST Billing Software shall be the initial requirement for any small or large business owner. Each corporation will require, after 1 July 2017, a new management billing scheme, to operate in line with India’s new tax system. For this reason, several companies such as ClearTax, Tally and Marg Accounting have released their new billing applications entirely focused on the new Goods and Service tax laws. The chartered accountants and corporate associations have been burdened by GST because it contained several implementation initiatives.

Some tax obligations have been reduced, such as VAT, service tax, etc. There is now only one indirect tax structure that needs conformity. This increases thus the demand that chartered accountants use the GST-prepared applications for their training needs and for their customers. The growing dedication to CAs has made it necessary for chartered accountants to receive high-quality GST programming to promote their practice. You will use GST software to track accounts of the customers, register refunds on schedule, hold records for bookkeeping and invoice GST, and more. The GST laws are amended on a continuing basis.

The loss of the company unit and its activities is due to different factors. One approach is to maintain your accounting statements and cash balances unsystematically; you can still keep your banknotes in good order and be better positioned for the toughest circumstances such as bankruptcy or default insignificant proportion. Many ways to handle finances, including manual (writing transactions in a book), electronics (via table) and accounting software are available.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing the right software:


  • If the program monitors stock, work is underway, directives, employment, or other conditions for task management.
  • If more than one bank account may be managed by a clause.
  • If the program is responsible for foreign exchange.
  • If a mechanism operates for keeping records of particular companies or divisions within a single business entity.
  • If the app offers you an online forum for various tasks such as online payment, record checks, etc.
  • If the machine records how many people buy, what they buy, how much they owe, etc.


Features to focus on before choosing the right GST billing software:


  • Not everyone knows the accounting methods or processes in the company brotherhood. Thus, it will become a little more difficult for the user, if the given program is filled with all the available features.
  • This part of the decision-making process is the most critical. Internet software costs repeatedly but is cheap. Most of the offline program offers a one-time buy service but is also costly and will pay for upgrades per year.
  • It should be able to produce GST invoices and adjust the look and feel of the business.
  • The customer is aware of changes in accounts payable and accounts payable.
  • Assistance is needed in generating a balance sheet, trial balance reports and profit, and loss statements.
  • Give a forum to use in a business unit for multiple users at the same time as there are often different users in a single business unit.
  • Stock, internal product transfer, and wastage must be controlled by the program.


In India, we have selected 10 top-of-the-line GST software to help you comply with GST and provide accounting services:


  1. Cleartax GST

Clear tax is yours if you want to protect and not trust your adware storage. It is an internet-connected GST cloud-based accounting program. The app will automatically synchronize the data with the cloud servers, making you quick GST-based bills and accounting operations offline. The app can be accessed via smartphone, desktop, or laptop and is one of India’s best GST software. It is more focused on the Fraternity of Accountants and can be a successful choice for accountants who need a forum for their clients to plan GST reports. Clear Tax is a helpful app that can only be used for filing when data from other accounting applications and ERP programs are extracted.



  • One can check and track your inventory from time to time using this software.
  • One should plan and administer the taxes as each report is automatically prepared, using the right facts or invoices.
  • This program will run through many MIS reports.
  • The data are protected and can be quickly recovered in this software.
  • The app contains detailed details and can work easily.
  • For additional purposes, you can conveniently import or export data anywhere.
  • One will create a JSON file e-way account that can be accessed directly from the website.
  • This app enables you to trace purchases.


Pricing: The annual pricing is rs. 10,000/-.




  • It helps to list an accountant with GST.
  • Provides a free solution for e-learning.




  • Not apps for accounts.
  • There are no commercial features.
  • It is just a tax planning instrument that is disjointed.
  • It’s not a tool for the business.
  • Only the accountants will use it.


  1. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is an online accounting software providing exchange companies with financial monitoring, inventory control, online payment facilitation, and financial report production resources. It supports the use of several users and can operate many warehouses. In their transfers, consumers can also operate on various currencies. The dashboard contains visual reporting on critical financial results, including balances, losses, and gains. It is also provided with a notice board to update users’ inventories, receipts, invoices, etc.


ProfitBooks can easily monitor the cash and order flows of past and current purchases between buyers and salespeople. The solution will also file and measure consumer taxes and helps them to handle the payroll of their workers. It may also be incorporated with other e-Commerce or banking third-party systems in order to enable transfers between consumers and their respective providers or clients.



  • ProfitBooks is a billing program that includes features to help you manage cash flow by making invoices, reporting orders, recording prices, and even handling the payroll of workers. It includes a complete overview of previous purchases and groupings depending on the members.
  • Besides financial monitoring, the solution controls the inventory of the enterprise as well. It tracks inventory levels and informs the customer of significant product changes. You will assign your inventory to your preferred position with its multi-warehouse management function and move it accordingly.
  • Financial transactions can be concluded in one program only because ProfitBooks can send and accept debit/credit cards, Net Banking, and EMI payments of any currency. Payments between buyers and sellers may be made directly and electronically without going to the bank or changing applications.



ProfitBooks provides three easy price schedules:


  • Pro plan: Rs 5,999/year (good for companies based in the service).
  • SMB Plan: Rs. 8,999/year (Good for resellers & traders).
  • Plan (Good for busy business owners who would like to outsource) for GST Company: R. 1.999/month.




  • The Cloud interface is helpful.
  • Simple to use.
  • Well incorporated with gates of payment.
  • The workloads have been reduced.
  • Helpful news. Helpful reporting.
  • Financial control is simple.
  • Customer service is helpful.
  • Issues covered in the following software updates.
  • Highly incorporated. Well integrated.
  • Visual graphs provide insights that are easy to comprehend.



  • It can be difficult to grasp those functions.
  • There could be more consumer-identifying definitions.
  • There are few style choices for reporting.


  1. TALLY ERP 9


Tally ERP 9 is one of India’s state-of-the-art GST applications to meet any accounting requirement. You can quickly produce GST bills for your clients using the Tally GST app with a range of articles and various tax rates. Furthermore, Tally ERP 9 takes control of all those billing and accounting actions, even more than just the GST invoice construction program. The app also offers reverse fees, advance receipts, and export invoices for the branch costs. Purchases should be correctly planed, work capital administered and cash flow improved for organizations.


This encourages budgets to be reviewed, company procedure exceptions to be dealt with and financing to be properly handled. Tally operates offline and has no internet. The GST return filing process is also not very tedious with Tally as the details in its tax filing services have to be imported and exported by hand.



  • Tally is the most strong multi-lingual integrated enterprise accounting platform in the world. In their own chosen language, users will create their own names for their accounting results.
  • The valuation breakups of sales in terms of the various currencies may be printed on several currency invoices.
  • Tally helps its customers to function simultaneously with several organizations and, as soon as voucher entries arise, to monitor details in real-time.
  • With Tally.ERP 9, critical financial results are available by clicking on a button to take critical decisions.
  • ERP9 gives versatility to build on-going masters since corporations very much have to manufacture multiple kinds of vouchers.



  • One Consumer – Rs. 21,780.
  • Multifunctional consumer Rs. 65,340.
  • Yearly renovation is 25%.



  • Pleasant accountant.
  • Regardless of how the Internet connection operates as the software is offline.
  • Control of vendors and orders.
  • Aid for various companies.
  • Invoicing and billing.



  • Requires multi-user LAN service.
  • Requires various positions from to Static IP.
  • Data does not result in delays in real-time.
  • Hard disk failures are prone.
  • Quick data robbery chances.
  • Virus attacks are prone.
  • Upgrades to versions are still charged.
  • There are no market functions.
  • Multi-user solutions are costly.


  1. Zoho Books

Easy to use corporate accounting applications to aid with the online monitoring of the accounts. 14 days free Zoho book trial can be downloaded. Zoho Books is an easy-to-use, small business online accounting platform to manage the budgets and control its cash flow. There is another ready-to-use GST program in our catalog, which can be incorporated for fast invoice development in your business. With the app, you can easily create GST bills and several items, with various tax rates. In addition, all of the account data, including cash balance and monthly spending, can be traced very conveniently.


Zoho has been around for several years and has been mostly catered to world markets. In the Indian market, the newly launched Zoho Books. Its applications based on the cloud and feature simple to use. Since the Zoho industry is relatively young, many features are still lacking in India. But it’s fine for the industry at the early level. Easy to use corporate accounting applications to aid with the online monitoring of the accounts. 14 days free Zoho book trial can be downloaded. Zoho Books is an easy-to-use, small business online accounting platform to manage the budgets and control its cash flow. There is another ready-to-use GST program in our catalog, which can be incorporated for fast invoice development in your business. With the app, you can easily create GST bills and several items, with various tax rates. In addition, all of the account data, including cash balance and monthly spending, can be traced very conveniently.



  • You may want to go with Zoho Books if you start a new company so you will extend your business with them and add more applications.
  • Accounting at Zoho is intimately linked to CRM, e-mail, HRM, tablets, which are very handy for accounts and other finance employees.
  • The project management company Zoho can do whatever a project management system can do. It can also record time and build timesheets for creating Zoho Book invoices. Users can upload and communicate tasks, login times, records, and with customers. Customers are brought free of charge to the project and users can ensure that the project is transparent.


Pricing: Rs. 2500/- annually.

Finance Plus kit Rs. 20,000/year.



  • A system based on Fully Cloud.
  • It does not impair data even though the hard drive crashes.
  • There is no need for anti-virus applications.
  • There is high data access.
  • These updates are available free of charge.
  • Can be tailored. Can be modified.
  • Low price.



  • It does not permit more than seven users/accounts.
  • It is not necessary to consolidate the branch.
  • Significant gaps that Indian companies need.
  • Management of very simple inventory.
  • Support is minimal.


  1. GEN GST


The Gen GST platform is suitable not only for bookkeeping but can be used to calculate taxes. It has several GST modules that help to faster return filing. It is highly used for CAs. It is offered on the market at an INR 5000/- price. This page can be conveniently accessed and Gen GST downloaded. The tasks of filing your return are extremely accurate and reliable. The GEN GST is specifically tailored for you and your company if you continue to support offline GST ready-to-use apps. The software helps users to schedule without accounting GST returns for customers. In addition to the app, the software runs without any internet and can even retrieve data from any software.


  • It functions in an autonomous network in a heavily encrypted language. You are safely registered with this
  • The ITC is automatically calculated and error and malfunction notifications are received. Therefore the data is reconciled automatically.
  • It is supplied with a special customer check feature to support the monthly and annual returns.
  • You can fill in unlimited consumer returns and pay online taxes with a single click.
  • You will easily upload and import and export invoices in seconds.


Pricing: INR 5000/-



Very quick and easy filing process.



Unlimited Return Filing, Tax e-Payment by a single click.


  1. Intuit Quickbooks


Intuit made smaller improvements in about every area of the web to help you get here, to see what you need to see, to do your job fast, and to get out of it. It is once again an editorial choice winner based on its modular feature, financial connectivity, user interface, and extensibility for online accounting applications. This is another software developed for the foreign market originally for the online accounting industry. Quickbooks makes a great effort to meet Indian accounting requirements. It is currently ideal for service suppliers that are ultimately searching for a decent method for invoicing.


You need a brief setup process before you start building transactions in QuickBooks Online so that the service has some simple business knowledge. Basically, when they are presented, you answer the questions. The site functions in the background and changes some basic settings to fit the particular business type. Intuit’s Android apps and iOS applications do not completely emulate all browser edition features, but they provide tools that are short for almost all functions. There are only two reports, for example, and buyer/seller and product details are not as complete as in the full version.



  • Transactions of tax divisions are classified. Users edit or agree and QuickBooks learns over time from user behavior. Moreover, the tool helps users to build customized guidelines for categorizing expenditures.
  • Users can conveniently record and track accounts that have been cleared by direct deposit or verifying, set up repeated orders, and automate buying orders with tailored laws. In addition, users are able to sync applications for quick invoicing and payment with Apple Pay and other third-party apps.
  • QuickBooks helps consumers to see how their organizations manage the business by way of their benefit and loss account, balance, and dashboard. Users will also produce personalized reports based on the latest developments and provide prospective buyers with the financial information they need to pump capital into their companies.
  • This role helps users to compare payments to invoices automatically, submit payment records and monitor the reality status. Furthermore, consumers of QuickBooks get to build customized accounts from any smartphone with their logo.


Pricing: Rs. 5,000/- per year



  • Excellent browsing and user interface.
  • Comprehensive contact details and modes of sale.
  • Rentability of the project.
  • Reports that can be personalized.
  • Exhaustive funding for payrolls.
  • It supports hundreds of additional and integrative applications.
  • New pages for the cash balance.
  • Fresh sales tax alternative for hybrid goods.



  • No GST return filing is available at this time.
  • There are no unique market functions.
  • Little Indian company complex.
  • Features linked to GST are absent.
  • Not so precise self-categorization.
  • Increased but still missing online support.
  • Uncomplete smartphone applications.


  1. Busy Accounting Software


Busy Accounting Software has everything, whether you own a micro-company, a small or medium enterprise. It is one of the best GST-friendly applications for the generation and management of advance invoices. The app user interface is intuitive and invoices can be generated with personalized choices easily. In addition, the deposits, finance, loans, and VAT, and CST files are easy to handle. Busy deliver a user-interface that is simple and intuitive. It is the only way to satisfy the full needs of the organization. It offers improved company management with more than 100 reports with versatile setup and adaptation. It is readily adaptable by the facility for paying for increasing needs.



  • Compared to manual bookkeeping, you can save time with company accounting tools. It will handle both front and back transactions concurrently. You will make deposits for the bank, write cheques, and file invoices for customers. In addition, these transactions may be registered.
  • Using the app lets you register your payments and receivables and monitor them. In addition to this, the present and potential cashflow status will be analyzed. In addition, invoice and bill documents should be stored. This helps to prevent late payments and overdraft charges.
  • Normally, small business owners have little ability to understand the application of modern technologies. The software’s learning curve is fast and clear. You can learn to use the system efficiently even though you have no account experience. This eliminates accounting mistakes and reconciliation problems. Busy also offer adequate training and assistance to companies to make the most of the program.
  • Busy applications include features such as advanced customization and salable databases. You can put your trust in the program if you are a startup or want to grow your company.
  • Operating accounting software lets you generate invoices and assists you in updating consumer billing records. Online invoicing lets you develop sales practices and streamline business activities.
  • This helps you to accurately quantify your sales and figure out which consumers produce the most sales for your company. Leading accounting solutions offer detailed and actionable analyses, the range of which depends only on the type of details you enter.



₹ 7,200 Per Year for the Basic version.

₹ 13,500 Per Year for the Standard version.

₹ 19,800 Per Year for Enterprise version.



  • The usability and maneuverability of the program.
  • Equipment for addressing everyday problems.
  • Facility to the bill.
  • Analysis and papers. Reports.



  • A single server framework slows down many users.
  • If you are pressing escape data the auto save mode is not lost.
  • There are several bills featured.




MARG ERP 9+ is one of the best GST apps for an inexpensive price for your business. In addition, the software’s user interface is simple for beginners. The app also enables users to translate the bill and send it via links into different formats. The choice email adds a simple means of exchanging the accounts with clients. The software Marg is a GST-powered Market Control Accounting and Inventory Software. The main factors for its performance are simplicity, versatility, autonomy choices, and time to time upgrades.


Marg ERP 9+ has been described as the most reliable ERP solution by numerous industries and companies. It provides numerous competitive consumer and feature-based license rates. It is understood that the company can be manageable and efficient with quick and comprehensive outcomes. This provides you with a live credit limit control option that allows you to set your customers a credit limit. Features such as the payment audit and the demand and declaration track the billing processes and purchasing benefits. Stock monitoring and operation, the warning and alarm system keeps you up-to-date. Marg ERP 9+ offers the best performing technology service. The help is often used to direct your company to make an educated decision. The functionality is fully uninterrupted and functions to the satisfaction of consumers. It is planned to run smoothly and without trouble.



  • It operates on a highly safe, autonomous network. You are registered in this software securely
  • You will automatically measure ITC and get reminders of errors and mistakes. The data is therefore automatically reconciled.
  • It comes with a special verification system for consumers and facilitates monthly and annual returns.


Pricing: starts from ₹ 7,200 onwards



  • Full accounting and company inventory solutions also allow bar code scanning.
  • Marg ERP also offers assistance to full GST solutions, e-way bill solutions, such as GST return filing.
  • It has a solution for all kinds of businesses such as retail chains, production, post office equipment, distributors, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • The best accounting features such as comprehensive MIS a program.



  • It has several features, but this often causes frustration, if there is no understanding of how to use features, it does produce more difficulties than a solution.
  • Not a great deal of intuitive user experience can be changed.
  • We sometimes faced a very weak approach to customer service, when a product is sold the staff does not care much or have proper preparation for customer issues.


  1. FreshBooks


For self-employed professionals and small business owners and their teams, FreshBooks is an online accounting and accounts program. Also for non-tech, uncompliant consumers, it is easy to use. A broad variety of features such as online payment acceptance, time management, teamwork, and automation, and others provide users with innovative resources and workflows, saving time, encouraging the accuracy, and improving productivity in their daily activities. The cloud solution is highly affordable but safe enough for banks, credit card providers, payment centers, and other cloud-based productivity applications to interface and integrate.


For small business owners and their teams, FreshBooks is perfect. They will welcome entrepreneurs, executives, and collaborators to handle projects and have file access permissions. Easy aspects of teamwork are built in to obtain input from others quickly. Features provide messaging tools, project schedules, analysis of project status, team project and performance management, etc. Specific forecasts can be converted easily into invoices. There are also flexible offers, customer acceptance estimates for the project launch, progress assessment monitoring, preliminary estimates, discounts, and more. Mobile iOS and Android applications can be used to generate on-the-go invoices, receipts to record cost, chat, status notifications, etc.



  • The invoicing functionality of FreshBooks is easy to use. Professional invoices are easy to build and configure. Users will install a badge and configure an e-mail with thank you. You accept online credit card payments and ACH payments.
  • Additional functionality included automatic reminder and consumer credit card payments, payment queries, invoice monitoring times and costs, discounts, tax estimates, etc. The user’s account also records online purchases. More customer payment solutions without secret charges are available.
  • Users can connect their bank account or credit card for automatic entry with cloud invoicing and accounting applications so that their organization can be updated for the most recent expenditures. You should take an acknowledgment snapshot, record it, and edit and arrange details on the device. It provides multi-currency spending, automated sorting, tax-friendly divisions, mutual budget distribution, and more. Time logging provides an overview of the hours spent in the workplace.



  • Accounting for double access.
  • Enjoyable user interface.
  • Customer records comprehensively.
  • Tools for team co-operation and timely follow-up.
  • The functionality of measurement and retention.
  • Tracking inventory.
  • Proposals and initiatives are funded.
  • Mileage monitoring on iOS automatically.



  • Minimal support with settings.
  • Any deficits of the dashboard.
  • Customization of a limited invoice.
  • There are some web features missing in smartphone applications, excellent GUI.
  • Tax forecasts are not quarterly.


  1. Vyapar


Vyapar is an SME accounting and invoicing app that is compliant with the GST. GST accounts, forecasts, orders, GSTR files, track fees/extras, inventory management, and other daily business tasks can be produced without the Internet on your smartphones. You can also tailor, exchange WhatsApp accounts with your parties and receive payments online directly. The program allows outstanding bills to be monitored and payment notices to be obtained quicker.


Inventory can be reviewed instantaneously, stock status view live, low stock alarms, stock quantity monitor, and inventory value track along with details including the expiration date, lot number. For any company accounting necessity, Vyapar is an optimal solution. It helps you to handle invoices, forecasts, refunds, stock, and customers. Its GST compatibility allows the creation and exchange of GST-compliant invoices and their recording, the production of accurate financial accounts, the automated calculation of taxes, and GST tax declarations.



  • Create correct Vyapar app GST invoices, quotes, and forecasts. The app lets you make invoices and calculations that comply with GST with a few clicks. The invoices and projections can be submitted directly from your software via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.
  • You can log sales and transactions with the Vyapar app. The intuitive dashboard of this app provides a dedicated module for monitoring the status of your orders. You should also promise exact and prompt payments and eliminate delays and mistakes in invoicing.
  • Vyapar has extensive customization features. The topic and color of the dashboard can be adjusted according to your needs. The app offers expert invoice models to deliver you attractive, timely payment invoices.
  • Track and report Vyapar’s comprehensive financial reporting solution for company expenditures. This module will monitor and report costs, optimize the company expenditures and reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Develop and connect supply issues with your freight in order to ensure smooth distribution of your goods. You may connect challans to your shipments with Vyapar and hold all distribution records.


Pricing: starts INR 599/- for 15 months



The start of GST in India would enable companies to work in accordance with different regulations that conform with the rules of GST. This ensures that accounting statements and audits must be regularly submitted. All these activities will cause great headaches if you own a medium-sized company. You can conveniently control your financial record with the listing app and welcome well-designed GST. It is important for your company to choose a good GST app since you can not update your program more frequently. Good accounting tools will save you time and resources in accordance with the GST regulations.


Therefore, if you wish to get an offline accounting app and an accountant, go to Tally. You’ll need someone to run it quickly. But if you have many users using it could be a little costly. Go to ProfitBooks if you want easy-to-use GST apps. It’s an entirely GST-compatible accounting program. It has been planned in India and Indian firms. It has the easiest GUI among all the applications on the market.


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