Top 10 best co-working spaces in India 2021

You need an office for your staff or merely an area to hold business meetings, training, conferences, and more if you want to extend into India or outsource those functions of the company. However, it is an expensive and lengthy procedure to start your own infrastructure – a major growth blocker for many businesses. This is mainly helpful because co-working spaces have cheap, mobile office spaces and give companies who test new markets versatility in expansion. We are still looking, as a company owner, for opportunities to reduce costs. It is difficult to locate cost-effective solutions for corporate meetings, hold interviews or find an inexpensive workplace while you are operating from a metro area.

Early-stage companies sometimes cannot invest in an office infrastructure. The USPs of co-work spaces are common services, such as Wifi, public printing system, fax, photocopying, garage parking, CCTV, gambling hall, etc., including a cafeteria, kitchens, furnished offices, and meeting rooms. The Community-led coworking environment has demonstrated a boost to technical development and creativity with its premium look optimistic atmosphere, open plans, and complimentary java.

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Here is the list of Best Co-working spaces in India:


  1. The Playce – Mumbai


The Playce is a spacious Mumbai coworker with the tag that he is a visionary in Mumbai. If you are searching for an affordable job in Mumbai, ‘The Playce,’ which recognizes the need for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises, offers realistic facilities and services at affordable rates. It’s a large workspace with a plug-in and plays desk, a game area, meeting and lecture halls, Wi-Fi access, decent lighting, and great furnishings. The first formal Quora of India meets and there have been several other significant workshops. This is a spot that shines with unlimited coffee and intellectuals.

They are the most prodigious of the society they create when offering work desks, private houses, conference rooms, activity spaces, and conference rooms. They expect to become a center for all things fun and imaginative for over 100 employees who work every day out of their office. They enjoy the enthusiastic people in their tribe. The Playce is also an excellent CO-LEARNING site. They organize training sessions, workshops, meetings, hackathons, boot camps, etc.


Pricing: INR 499, 1-Day Desk. Plan Monthly Desk: INR 6,500, plan of flex cabin: INR 3,999 10 days, plan of team desks: INR 5,500 per person per month, plan of monthly cabin(4 to 6): INR 20,000 per month (standard cabin) (large cabins).


Services: work desk for the guests, adjustable chair, wifi, meeting space, projector, whiteboard, reception, books library, and games. facilities: adjoining desk, adjustable chair.


  1. Bombay Connect – Mumbai


Bombay Connect aims to create enterprise pairs that are dynamic and that foster audacious thoughts. They want to build an economy in which all businessmen have the necessary tools, encouragement, and climate to support the growth and sustainable development of their organizations. An innovative workspace that makes an office, a café, and a home accessible, portable and mixes the best. A thriving and inspirational group of diverse peers. Personalized linkages that make capital, expertise, skills, and infrastructure accessible. Strategic television and broader networks visibility.


Bombay Connect offers an accessible and open space where people, teams, and start-ups can be encouraged to collaborate together, learn from and meet their peers. The participant has access to a network of like-minded co-workers, an Internet network, and an event program.

top 10 best co-working spaces in india 2021

Pricing: Business mainstream: 9000 INR / month, 150 hour INR 5000, 1500 INR / fourth, 900 INR / days. Social Enterprises: 8300/month, 150 hours INR 4500, 1500/fourth, 999/day INR INR 4500

Services: Members can connect workstations and common facilities such as conference spaces, inter-networks or scanners, an on-the-job team of related tools and an event series to accelerate members’ development and that of their ideas/activities. A innovative, agile workplace combining the best from an office, a café, and a home are all main facilities. A lively and inspirational group of diverse peers. Custom links to make access to capital, expertise, skills and infrastructure easier Strategic broadcast and network exposure

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  1. 91 Springboard – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi


91 springboards crack borders and open the door for new entrants and freelancers to opportunities. It is one of Mumbai’s largest coworking centres, where participants get more than just a job. Events such as seminars and conferences allow practitioners to discover new talents while the corporate community presents new ideas to their peers. Services such as legal assistance, cloud storage and inexpensive housing keep an individual consistently linked to the group of 91springboards.


91 springboards in Yerwada are one of the most important coworking areas in India, with a large area of 50,000 + sq ft. It will accommodate more than 1,100 members and provides access to Pune’s vital business centres. It’s well connected to the University of Pune and the train station. 91springboards was produced for freelancers, company owners and innovative start-ups in particular. It encourages companies to flourish through the pleasure and ease of their working lives. It provides connectivity to key service providers, funding for office technology 24 x 7 credits, and networking as a testing ground for creativity.


SpringBoard 91 is one of the larger coworking areas in New Delhi, located at Okhla Phase II in the heart of the district. This area is one of the city’s most vibrant forum for entrepreneurship, with a flourishing population of over 200 members. A video game topic rocking with a big, open plan work room. The area is full of shared and private desk options, conference spaces, high-speed wireless internet, lockers and a network opportunity with the lively startup culture of New Delhi. Springboard 91 has a variety of membership choices for the type of work. They also have a Batman subscription package for those of us who need jobs only on weekdays and weekends after hours.


Pricing: Partial-time professionals have INR 4,999, fully-time INR 7,499 and full-time INR 10,999. You can also pay INR 549 for one day’s service.


Services: Conference facilities, photocopy, print/scan, Internet access, Convenient workspaces, Functional services. Startup network, network Connection to activities free or discounted, Access to a network of mentors, projector and display, Partner Freebies, Water, Tea and coffee, Fun-free configuration, Private secure cabin, Bright open spaces at function, No expense covered, Meeting rooms with technology, Plans for pay-per-use, Internet seamless, Backups for fail-safe power.


  1. Innov8 – Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.


They provide lovely offices and coworking rooms for companies in India. Innov8 is an Indian-based workshop and collective start-up. Much Loved spaces in India and spaces of coworking. The first Thought Space in India is Innov8, coworking. They promote the participation of like-minded people from all areas, whether they be entrepreneurs, developers, independent employees, designers who want to work in a highly creative area. Innov8 enjoys an ergonomically and innovatively high-quality work community.


The neighbourhood of Innov8 includes many retail, lifestyle and F&B centres. This coworking room brings more friendliness into the setting and its beautiful glasswork shakes down the aesthetic barrier. It provides private cabins for new contacts and product development. The design is for major companies in particular. Small companies and companies should choose dedicated desks that have a diverse office atmosphere, high-speed internet and excellent free coffee facilities.

The conference facilities at Innov8 are suitable for corporate review meetings and interviews, equipped with whiteboards, noise proof cabins and high-speed Wi-Fi access. They also feature monitoring, new AV pack, in-room drinks and ergonomically fitted seats. They can also hold mentorship workshops, talent days, innovative conversations, fireside conversations, frequent standups. Today they are based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune, India.

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Pricing: INR 8000, INR 11000, Elite INR 115000 and Ultimate INR 14000 are typical packages.


Services: In Innov8 offers key facilities such as customized workstations, work-shops, entertainment area, sleek bold Bristol furnishings, conference rooms enclosed with pinewood, high-speed internet, etc.


  1. Cowork Cafe- Bangalore


The CoWork Cafe offers relaxed, encouraging, working space with everything else you need to thrive and to succeed, including a super fast internet connection, meeting rooms and IT service.


Pricing: INR 4000 and INR 5000 will be used by residents and visitor memberships.

what the future holds for co-working spaces in india | business insider india

Services: Fast speed Internet, IT facilities, meeting room, designer workstations, power backup and fresh food at the cupboard are all there for work. The complements include laptops, 3g/4g dongles, scanners, lockers, Workspace, conference spaces, lockers and storage rooms, 3G/4G, Printer/Scanner, laptops on loan, Tea/coffee, tea and coffee. Backup of power


  1. Bangalore Coworking Hub


In Bangalore, HAL 3rd round, Bangalore, Bangalore Coworking Hub is versatile coworking, joint office and business centre. They strive to boost independent employees’ lives and competitiveness through a fantastic networking and teamwork forum. A number of amenities and services are offered at Bangalore Coworking Hub to meet the needs of its demanding customers. It supports start-ups, freelancers, self-employed people, contractors and developing companies to help each other thrive. It seeks, by offering a large networking and communication hub, to enhance the life and competitiveness of independent employees.


Pricing: For monthly membership, INR 3,800 is the starting price. Shifts are also given in part time and night.


Services: Ready-to-use plug-and-play common and interactive office spaces for businesses of various sizes, Professional, ergonomic furnishings of workstation, Canning facilities (North Indian / South Indian) with tea, coffee, snacks and meals at a minimum cost. Connection to high-speed Internet, Backup for your desktops and tablets for up to two hours, Parking room for employees, Daily office and open areas maintenance facilities, Mail/package managing inbound and outbound.


  1. CoWork India


CoWorkIndia was launched so that an emerging enterprise would concentrate solely on its market instead of worrying about office and facilities. If you are a single individual with an idea or a team, they provide room for all to collaborate with the same minded group. They took care of everything a start-up will be needed in Bangalore.


Services: Control back up and electricity, Internet: broadband and rental, Snack or meal cupboard at any moment, Office kid to run the company’s orders, Möbeln, Total mesh ergonomic beds, White boards & boards with note, Rooms for debate, Climate 24 hours job


Pricing: INR 5235 for A/C room per person per month. INR 2475 a month a person – 3 days/week access. INR 1815 a month per person – weekend access and public holidays only, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. INR 300 per day per male.


For shared rooms, the above price is. The price of rooms is at least 20% for shared space

  1. WeWork


Known for creativity and productivity, WeWork is considered one of Mumbai’s best places to work & develop your business. The office is built to fulfill everybody’s needs whether it is an employee or a full-scale business team. You can rely on the daily flow of food, contemporary meeting rooms and the excellent service of WeWork. Furthermore the global WeWork ecosystem has over 4,00,000 members all over the world and there are resources for network building. If it is a personal or technical necessity, WeWork is an excellent choice to move your company to the next stage. It provides a skilled coworking facility of 16 floors with private offices and meeting rooms designed according to international industry standards worldwide.


BKC is established in Mumbai as the luxury hub for many enterprises and sectors and will therefore have lively work/networking experiences in this area. It provides versatile opportunities for gig professionals and small team startups, such as dedicated desks and hot desks. You should set up a laptop or something your favorite stuff on a dedicated desk. It is one of India’s leading space coworking firms. They recently spread to India in 2017, having dented globally.

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Pricing: A price of 40,000 a month

co-working spaces in demand in covid-hit india - the economic times

Services: Improved services of laundry.  Improved requirements for HVAC, Parking, Parking, Allowed dogs to work, Mother’s room, wellness room, bike storage.


  1. Hive


The Hive is a working room distributed over three levels. Some of the highlights you can find here are custom-tailored office areas, a common gaming area (to spoil yourself in cards, books or magazines), concierge and partner discounts. The Hive’s coworking facilities in India give budding start-ups and talented practitioners access to breathtaking F&Bs. The gap between professional and social life is blurred. The theory of Hive’s Work-Play-Grow fosters the personal and professional lives of workers. Individuals can choose Hot Spots in the shared areas for entry in any workspace.


In a communal workplace and a personal locked office, Hive’s Dedicate Desks have secure rooms. The coworking area with hives is one of the added advantages. Teams can choose private lockable cabins fully equipped. The Hive is extremely versatile with its customized offices for companies with 50+ members who adapt to their brand and community.


Pricing: The price is 1 day in INR 600 and 1 month in INR 12000.


Services: It offers a combination of programs, conferences, workshops and so on. It’s a really casual spot, but no fool. The Hive has mouthwatering dishes to sell in an adorable Portugal bungalow. Hungry traveler is the cuisine café where all of these dishes are to be found. This location is also convenient for animals and offers simple office amenities such as printers, scanners, conference rooms, Internet access, etc.


  1. Investopad


Investopad is a 33,000 square feet campus and is currently in place on a floor space of 6,000 square feet, but is expanding within the next six months to add an additional eight,000 feet. Teams can be as small as a single creator and can accommodate a designated area for businesses financed by A&B series, as well as major technology companies on special floors. For participants of its coworking room, Investopad is holding monthly events, making it one of the most popular coworking spaces in India.


Select group members and boards with messages help people easily become members of their communities. Members will have access to the Crosstalk, a curated and hand-picked network of domain experts, investors and managers. Investopad offers superfast internet through direct loaning and a broadband backup line. Investopad is equipped with whiteboards, projectors, printers and scanners, ensuring all office materials are supplied in the office. Formal and casual conference rooms can be booked without any added fee! The Investopad’s completely functional kitchen offers the required equipment for a hot lunch.


Pricing: 4,999 per month onwards


Services: Digital Marketing, Visual and US/UI design & client service in-house departments and consultants help to build campaigns, EIRs and advisors for leading start-ups on all fronts in their field of expertise.

High-speed fiber optical internet with devoted bandwidth, intensive seminars, seminar sessions with specialist faculty in the fields of design and business, audiovisual immersive event spaces and meeting rooms, Various start-up library services from start-up manuals, publicity tips, and professional books.

Professional guidance, advice, and mentorship in the fields: of design and engineering facilities, user experience design, and the development of the interests of legal and intellectual property. The following fields are design and engineering resources, design, user experience design, legal and intellectual property protection, and production, marketing, and communication. Professional guidance, consultations and mentorship.

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