Understand Entrepreneurship Before Applying For Co-founder Roles

Everyone Want to Go to Heaven But No One Want To Die

21st January 2017 was an excellent turning point in my life. That was the day I started this magazine to cover the entrepreneurship journey of entrepreneurs and start-ups.
I started this venture solely and singly; I handled its marketing, sales, business development, website development, social media marketing and content writing all by myself.
After the shutdown of my first business venture which was an IT company after running it for 7 years, I joined a company on the position of channels sales manager with an absolutely amazing salary. Getting a job was never a hurdle for me due to my experience and skills set.
I got my first job of my life in just one day. On Nov 30th 2016, I shut down my company and on 1st December I joined a company for a full time profile. During this job, I planned this venture Inventiva and launched it on 21st of January 2017.
It went very well and I have raised it double fold every single day. Slowly & slowly I realised that I need to expand this to other dimensions like YouTube video channel and print version and decided that I needed a co-founder.
Now the real ordeal started – I have met so many people but I haven’t identified my co-founder yet.
There are many people said that they do not have any investments to make; many have asked what salary they would be getting, and many even made more funny remarks that they would not be able to join full time.
Before you apply for or even seek such things in future, you have to understand what co-foundership and entrepreneurship is. To make it easier to understand, I would elaborate this in the following points:
1. Entrepreneurship is not fun, it’s not an experimental thing.
2. It takes a lot of dedication, devotion, commitment and hell lot of sacrifices to be an entrepreneur.
3. Entrepreneurs are all in all a different breed of people; they have a very high tendency to take risk but at the same time, they have the skill set, intelligence and smartness to make this risk minimum.

First we need to understand who a co-founder is.

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A co-founder is a person who works on an idea along with the founder. A founder & Co-founder are more or less like the father and mother of their venture whom they call it their baby. They work more or less like a husband and wife do to give birth to their baby, raise their baby. They also enjoy equal power, position, and authority but at the same time they have equal responsibility, equal dedication, devotion & commitment.
You cannot enjoy power without a sense of responsibility, you cannot enjoy any authority without dedication & commitment, and you cannot enjoy any position without hard work & smart work.
Be it co-founder or founder, when two or more than two people start a venture, every person must make equal investments in terms of time, money and efforts together with their skills and energy.

That is why, you are The Co-founder. if you think, you are unable to come to work full time and if you don’t want to leave your present full time job and if you cannot take the risk of losing a job, do not apply to be a co-founder. This is not for you. You are not the right person to be a co-founder. In this scenario, you are either doubting the idea, or you are doubting your founder or co-founder or you are doubting yourself.
Many people say that they have got their present full time job that requires a lot of their effort, and that they are very satisfied with their job. If you are so satisfied, then why are you looking to be a co-founder of something? If you are not able to take a risk, you are not the right person to be a co-founder. You are just wasting your time and someone else’s time too in fruitless discussions.
Being a co-founder is not a pastime or a hobby. If you are looking for some investment and free salaries, you are at the wrong place. If you are not ready to devote your full time and energy, don’t even think of being a founder or a co-founder.
As I said, a founder and co-founder are like the father and mother of a venture. Do you think being a mother or father is a part time job? It’s not even a 8 hour job, it’s a 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year job. Will you be okay if your husband or wife tells you that he/she will be just a part time partner with you, that she will spend 2 days with you and the rest of the days of the week with someone else? Will you accept this? If he/she even says they will be with you during the day or night alone and spend the rest of the time with someone else, will you accept this?
So never underestimate the role of a founder and a co-founder of a venture. It is a role which requires you to be 100% committed, dedicated and devoted to share all responsibilities, risks and the pains associated with the venture. You have to share all the hard work equally. Each one of you will have to be a 100% partner. It is when you invest yourselves fully to the venture that you will see it succeed and bloom under your nurturing and dedication. It is then that your efforts will pay off. It is then that you start reaping rewards for all the hard work and sweat and blood you put in.
Always be ready to take the risk, make equal investment to share a company, power and position and then and only then will you be called a leader else, be happy with your full time job and do not apply to be a co-founder. Don’t waste time of entrepreneurs if you don’t have the qualities entrepreneurs are looking for.

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“Entrepreneurship is not a part time job, and it’s not even a full time job. It’s a life style.”
Adopt that life style and success will be yours!

Tips to the Entrepreneurs-  

  1. Dont get involve with a person as founder or co-founder because she is a girl or a boy you love, you are looking for a serious business partner and not love relationship.
  2. Dont get involve with a person as founder or co-founder because he/she is rich, you are looking for co-founder and not the investor. A excellent investor may not be a right co-founder
  3. Dont get involve with a person as founder or co-founder because he is experienced, you are looking for co-founder and not a mentor or teacher.

To find a right co-founder always look for the motivation, dedication, commitment and passion for the idea and the dream you see, if you share the same passion towards a concept, Dont delay and get involved.

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