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Watch the Class of 2020 Share What It’s Like to Graduate in the COVID-19 Pandemic

In interviews for the TIME series Reports with Katie Couric, grads shared their experience of graduating during the COVID-19 pandemic with Couric, and discussing what it’s like to face an uncertain future.

Several graduates admitted to Couric that they were disappointed to miss out on the graduation they’d worked so hard for. Others said that they felt like they’d been denied a sense of “closure” after having to leave school early and without a chance to say goodbye to their friends.

“It was the one moment, I thought, like a lot of my family and friends would be able to see where I’ve been for four years,” Daniel Labrousse of the University of Chicago.

Graduates also said that they are nervous about trying to enter the workforce during a time of such economic uncertainty and high unemployment, and that they’re concerned about addressing their student loan debt. Several said that they had job offers rescinded or lost opportunities, and that the pandemic has left them without a clear way forward.

“It kind of feels like I’m back to step one, just looking for a job all over again,” Muhammad Zeeshan of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Source: Time


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