WOKA (World Of Kiran Agarwal):Learning Through Stories

Kiran Agarwal, an alumnus of London school of Journalism, started to write much later in her life. An author, content creator ,writer and presenter of an animation series channel WOKA which actually stands for WORLD OF KIRAN AGARWAL and is quite a rave today on You tube digital platform in various languages. Simultaneously, she did an elaborate course in creative writing which resulted in authoring and publishing of multiple books in Indian religious and cultural awareness, an area of her high interest and moral based short stories books for children. She developed  a great interest in children related area of work  and claims that she is self-taught when praised for her in depth knowledge on the same.

She reveals “The fact is, other than my professional achievements, I attribute my knowledge on children, to my family upbringing. I am a product of a joint family both from my maiden as well as from the married side. Today when I’m a grandmother myself I know exactly the way my granddaughter will react to a given scenario or a situation.”

Like everybody my biggest source of inspiration came from two people in my life, my husband and my granddaughter. My husband, a successful businessman in his own right, always advised me to achieve and strive for excellence in whatever I do and my granddaughter for whom I started to seek excellence. “I, as all grandparents, went on different social and interactive platforms to keep my granddaughter busy but there was very limited quality content, for her viewing and that actually made me think that there would be many who would feel like me and thus the idea of WOKA.” 

WOKA is all about imparting values to our children but in a fun way. Music, songs, 2D colourful animations, lovable and relatable characters and yet an underlayer of imparting  values is what WOKA inspires. “I wanted to create digital content that parents could rely upon, for their children to watch, without any iota of doubt and hesitation, I tell all associated with WOKA that WOKA is actually for parents. In one way it’s a give back initiative to society. Ideally, I want all the children to see our animation videos, make merry, sing and dance with the characters and enjoy themselves. WOKA is all and all about children.”

Kiran Agarwal very strongly believes that the future of any nation is in the hands of its children and a good fodder of values based visual experience in their formative years will have a strong impact in their growing years and beyond.

After much acclaim for her series of SABAK DEGI NAANI Season 1 and now Season 2 (on air), Kiran says “ We intend to produce more catalogues for children and are collaborating  with international technicians who have done a lot in the children’s genre and one shall see a lot of WOKA channel content in coming years. We are here to stay.” concludes a smiling Kiran.

To watch episodes in english click this link:

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