Work From Home Would Be A New Trend In The Working Culture Of India After This Lockdown

The country is completely locked down for 21 days. There are situations like curfew in many places. School, Mall, Cinema Hall, Rail, Bus, Office everything is closed. People are locked in homes. Millions of employees are working from home because of the coronavirus crisis. These days the map of the bedroom to the dining area has changed. These places are now occupied by the employees working from home, which means, their chair table and laptop have made a place in these areas. They are active from their homes for hours on hangout, skype, video calls, conference calls, etc. On the other hand, the relationship between employee and boss has also been softened. They are working mutually by understanding each other’s problems. We can see this as a spark of hope in a fear-filled environment. If the company adapts to this new culture, then there may be a change in the work culture in the coming time.

Will there be any changes in the working style?
let us inform you that these days companies from all over the world including America are trying remote work practice by working from home. According to experts, if the option of work from home will be implemented under compulsion due to coronavirus, it could change the world of office working completely. Hanon Landa, CEO of the American company Optical Network and author of Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technology Changes, says it is the world’s largest work from the home experiment. This can eliminate the stigma of workers working in the style of traditional offices. It is also a new opportunity for companies and businesses that are currently facing the challenges and problems of remote work.

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After the corona epidemic is over, the companies can go for the assessment for the same
Perhaps by adopting some flexible options, companies can improve technology and cybersecurity. They will also review their current company operational processes. In fact, this is an opportunity for companies to wake up and grab this opportunity which they had never encountered before. For some businesses, it is probably proven that remote work is a real work option and is also helpful in expanding the business.

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