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World Cheapest Countries To Travel Outside India – Best Deals!

Going abroad on vacation and witnessing the beauty of different countries is a dream of many Indians.

Especially if you are a globetrotter, an urge to see every corner of the world is very natural.

Although, planning a trip abroad gets stuck at the budget. But what if you can go to cheaper countries, and you don’t have to have deep pockets?

Bet you are all ears now. Some gorgeous and budget-friendly countries can make your trip memorable.

Besides, you can save bucks using goibibo codes and coupons for international flights and hotel bookings. So that’s going to be even cheaper.

Okay, so take a notepad and pen to plan your international trip right now.

5 Cheaper Countries to Go on a Vacation Outside India –

The majority of the countries mentioned below are Asian, nearest to India. So you don’t have to worry about flight hours or jet lag.

Some of our neighboring countries are worth visiting. Let’s dive straight into it.

  1. The Maldives (1 INR = 0.20MVR)

The Maldives, an island in the Indian Ocean, is the most exotic and popular country to visit these days. Maldives beauty attracts not only couples but also families and friends.

Veligandu Island, Alimatha Island are gorgeous, with beaches and resorts.

Having breakfast in the pool and enjoying the beauty of the country is a royal and fantastic experience.

Hotel stay could cost between 1500-2000 INR/day. But there are some local guest houses that you can get for around 800-1000 INR/Day.

Food in the Maldives would be around 100-300 INR in local restaurants.

  1. Malaysia (1 INR = 0.056 Ringgit)

Malaysia is a country full of culture, pleasant climate, islands, and beaches.

When referring to culture, it’s a beautiful blend of Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian culture. You’d love the welcoming nature of people in the country.

While in Malaysia, you must visit Perhentian Island, Kota Kinabalu city for cultural tours, local sightseeing, and wildlife tours.

Hotels in Malaysia would be around INR 600 onwards and INR 300 onwards for meals.

Try the goibibo hotel booking coupon code to grab discounts on your stay.

  1. Nepal (1 INR = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee)

Our beautiful neighboring country Nepal is almost similar to India. It has cultural diversity, temples, a mild and snowy climate, and lovely people.

It would be best if you visited gorgeous temples in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

And witnessing the massive Everest amongst the Himalayas should be on the top of your list.

You can go on adventurous trekking or to the Parsa wildlife reserve. There are tons of parks to have a calm evening with your family.

In Nepal, hotel stays are around 1000-2000 INR/ night. And meals could cost about 300 to 500 INR in local restaurants.

  1. Vietnam (1 INR= 312.25 Vietnamese dong)

Vietnam is a country of mesmerizing rivers, beaches, and nature. It’s the cheapest country to visit from India.

Yachting in Ho Chi Minh city, boating, wildlife, and rivers make Vietnam a paradise to visit.

Local market tours are another way to witness Vietnam’s culture, and who wouldn’t go shopping?

Hotel stays in Vietnam can cost you anywhere between 800-1000 INR.

Local diners are cheaper and mid-range restaurants would cost 600-800 INR.

  1. The Philippines (1 INR = 0.65 Philippine peso)

If you want an adventurous vacation, the Philippines is definitely for you.

It has 7640 islands, all with tons of activities to do.

At Danao Adventure park, you can try wall climbing, bungee jumping, sky biking, water rafting, and more.

While in the Philippines, you must visit Ayala Museum, Manilla Bay, National Museum, and San Agustin Church.

Prefer local homestays as those are around 700-1000 INR/night.

Local restaurants offer meals for around 500-700 INR.

Final Words

Budget travelling is always an option with great deals on hotels and flights. And won’t that make a perfect trip if you could just SAVE BIG on both?

Yes, Indeed.

So, get ready to score the cheapest international flights and holiday deals with GreatBuyz to make your trip the most memorable one.

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