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ZEVpoint E-Mobility: Revolutionising Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

ZEVpoint E-Mobility: Revolutionising Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

ZEVpoint E-Mobility, founded in 2019 by Akaash Jain and Gurvardaan Singh, is a company that caters to the infrastructure needs of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). With a mission to curb vehicular pollution and support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), ZEVpoint offers efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging solutions for both private and public spaces across India.

The name ZEVpoint, an acronym for ZERO EMISSION VEHICLE POINT, reflects the company’s commitment to providing charging infrastructure to power up ZEVs. By addressing the absence of reliable charging infrastructure, ZEVpoint aims to overcome one of the most pressing issues in the EV sector, thereby encouraging the acceptance and adoption of EVs among the public.

zevpoint - electric vehicle

What sets ZEVpoint apart is its unique blend of technical and business expertise brought by its founders. Akaash Jain, with his experience in running successful startups in the cold storage infrastructure industry, oversees operations and business strategy. On the other hand, Gurvardaan Singh, with his background in sales, marketing, and product strategy in the consumer durables industry, handles sales, marketing, and product strategy for ZEVpoint. This combination of skills and knowledge enables the company to provide innovative and effective solutions to the challenges faced by the EV charging industry.

ZEVpoint offers a wide range of products and services to meet the charging needs of both residential and commercial spaces. Their award-winning designs and efficient EV chargers are designed with a focus on affordability, reliability, and ease of use. Whether it’s a residential area, corporate office, hotel, taxi fleet, or retail space, ZEVpoint’s customizable and flexible offerings cater to diverse players across industries. Their goal is to provide a uniform charging experience from homes to commercial areas, ensuring that EV drivers have convenient and accessible charging options wherever they go.

zevpoint electric vehicle

The company’s mission and vision are driven by the founders’ passion for tackling vehicular pollution and accelerating the adoption of EVs. Observing the rising pollution levels and traffic congestion in their hometown of Chandigarh, known for its green and clean environment, Jain and Singh were motivated to make a difference. Inspired by the growing trend of EVs in North America and Europe, they recognized the positive impact that EVs could have on curbing pollution and decided to start ZEVpoint to promote the adoption of EVs in India.

ZEVpoint’s target audience includes EV drivers as well as facilities looking to provide EV charging stations for their customers. Residential societies, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, malls, and other commercial spaces are among their key customers. By targeting a diverse range of customers, ZEVpoint aims to expand its reach and increase the accessibility of EV charging infrastructure across India.

In terms of immediate goals and future expansion plans, ZEVpoint aims to expand its product range of home and commercial solutions. The company plans to provide charging solutions to over 1000 customers by FY 2024. By continually innovating and adapting to market demands, ZEVpoint strives to be at the forefront of the EV charging industry and make a significant impact on the adoption of EVs in India.

Like any venture, ZEVpoint faced initial challenges, particularly related to the lack of awareness around EVs and the need for charging infrastructure. To overcome this hurdle, the company conducts awareness workshops and educates both B2C and B2B customers through offline and online channels. By educating potential customers about the benefits of EVs and the importance of charging solutions, ZEVpoint aims to create a more favorable environment for the adoption of EVs in India.

zevpoint electric vehicle

As with any business, ZEVpoint also faces risks and challenges in the EV charging industry. Market volatility is mitigated through continuous research and adapting product offerings to meet changing customer needs. The company closely monitors regulatory changes and actively engages with policymakers to advocate for favorable policies that support the growth of the EV charging infrastructure. Furthermore, ZEVpoint embraces technological advancements through research and development investments and strategic partnerships. By collaborating with partners and government entities, ZEVpoint actively participates in infrastructure development, working towards establishing a robust and widespread charging network.

In conclusion, ZEVpoint E-Mobility is revolutionizing the EV charging infrastructure in India. With a focus on affordability, reliability, and ease of use, the company offers innovative solutions that cater to the needs of diverse customers across residential and commercial spaces. Founded by passionate individuals driven by a mission to tackle vehicular pollution and promote the adoption of EVs, ZEVpoint aims to make a significant impact on the sustainable future of transportation in India. Through its commitment to quality, innovation, and strategic partnerships, ZEVpoint is poised to navigate the dynamic EV charging industry successfully and pave the way for a greener and cleaner future.




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