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The DeanBeat: The madness and sanity of Sony leaving E3

Sony stunned the gaming world yesterday when it announced it will not attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show in 2019. For the...

Let’s take off with the European Space Agency at Disrupt Berlin

A few years ago, nobody would have bet that space exploration would become so exciting again. But everybody is talking about space again, from...

Watch BepiColombo’s twin spacecraft launch tonight on a mission to Mercury

Humanity is about to return to the hottest planet in the solar system. BepiColombo is a mission to Mercury conducted jointly by the European...

ESA astronaut controls humanoid robot from space station

DLR’s Rollin’ Justin robot has been remotely operated from the ISS 18 August, 2018 Have you ever fantasized about sleeping in the hostel while still being...