ESA astronaut controls humanoid robot from space station

esa astronaut controls humanoid robot from space station

DLR’s Rollin’ Justin robot has been remotely operated from the ISS

18 August, 2018
Have you ever fantasized about sleeping in the hostel while still being marked present in the lectures? Proxy. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst legitimately strolled around Earth while still being on board International space station with the help of proxy.
He controlled and took command over a humanoid Robot named Rollin’ Justin at the DLR German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. 
According to ESA this test is the latest in the multi-space-agency Multi-Purpose End-to-End Robotic Operations Network (METERON) project which aims at making the best out of all Robots inclusive missions. 
Rollin’ Justin was controlled by Gerst from the ISS using a tablet that allowed the astronaut to see from the robot’s point of view. 
“Rather than commanding every joint and every movement of the robot, which demands a high mental workload from the human, we rely on the robot’s intelligence to carry out small task packages as commanded by the ISS crew,” says principal investigator Neal Lii of DLR. “What we’re looking for with these SUPVIS Justin experiments is demonstrate robots as genuine coworkers, where astronauts give abstract commands that the robots can compute locally then carry out. Our model is supervised autonomy, with astronauts able to manage a team of robots to achieve a given goal.” 
“We want to see how we can make the interaction as easy and intuitive as possible, while building up the complexity of the tasks with each successive ISS-ground experiment. Starting with simpler switching on/off tasks, we have advanced to asset retrieval, installation, and dexterous repairs for this session. These represent some of the most dexterous telerobotic tasks to be commanded from space to date.”
Source: Techstory

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