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From bioprinting lab-grown meat in Russia to Beyond Meat in the US, KFC is embracing the future of food

From a partnership with the Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions to make chicken meat replacement using plant material and lab-cultured chicken cells to an...

88 out of top 200 US cities have seen internet speeds decline this past week, 3 cities by more than 40%

The impacts of telecommuting, shelter-in-place laws and home quarantines resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak are starting to impact broadband speeds across a number of...

Real estate startup Homie plans to expand to more cities with $23 million in Series B funding

Homie has made an impression among younger, first-time home buyers in the Utah and Arizona markets for cutting out the traditional closing costs, 6%...

Attracting tech talent to the Heartland starts with building a better startup culture

News cycles haven’t been kind to tech talent in the Heartland lately. Amazon’s choice of New York and Arlington for its new headquarters sparked...
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