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Tag: Palestine

The economic crisis in Gaza raises the tension between Israel and Hamas

Egypt sends mediators to the Strip to stop last week's escalation.With an unemployment rate of 45%, the Gaza Strip has long since ceased to...

The Pragmatists Reigns in the Middle East? Israel and UAE Deal

The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates makes their secret ties official, aborts the annexation of the West Bank and stands up...

Israel reaches a “Historic Agreement” to normalise relations with the United Arab Emirates. Suspends annexation of the West Bank

  The pact has been announced by US President Donald Trump, who mediated between Israel and UAE. In a coup with unpredictable consequences for the future...

“The psychological damage suffered by the Palestinians is caused by an unjust social and political reality”

Researcher Rita Giacaman works to understand the impact that conflict and continued exposure to violence have on the health of the Palestinian population. Since the...
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