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Apple’s “Unleashed” event: The event on 18th October, What is special about it? GET ready !!!

Apple has announced its October event, which everyone is waiting for very eagerly. It is round the corner, and Apple has named it “unleashed,” It will happen on 18th October; by the name, we can assume that Apple will unleash their best products like MacBook AirPods,m1x chipset, and Mac mini with m1x.


Apple Announces 'Unleashed' Event for October 18, Get Ready for New MacBooks

So from the rumors, we got we pretty much can expect the new generation MacBooks with m1x.

There are exceptions that apple will add the SD card and HDMI ports, but let’s not keep our hopes over the top. We can expect that the design will be pretty much the same, but maybe the touch bar from the MacBook Pro will be gone, which is a good move because it was not that much of a good feature, and with that, the touch id will be backlit. 

And maybe Apple can tweak the display a bit like the addition of the promotion display, which is the thing nearly everyone wants because apple has added that on their iPads earlier, and now they have added it to their new iPhones too with the 13 pros. The last one left out is the macs, and it is nearly confirmed that they will add the mini led tech on this, but if the promotion display is also added, it will be on the next level.

If all these rumors are accurate, we can expect MacBooks to easily be a significant upgrade from the previous year, as the promotion displays. This year, the mini LEDs have introduced this technology with the iPad pros, which helps with immersive viewing angles and high contrast display to reach higher brightness levels for outdoor use and deep blacks, lacking in MacBooks.


Apple's 'Unleashed' Event: What new products to expect

Another good thing that will happen is their m1x chips, which are the successor of the previous year m1, which were pretty much good and made the revolution in the laptop markets so that this m1x will be incredibly fast smooth.

So, what can you expect? Perhaps, as the rumor says, we’ll be getting, According to speculations, as the processor will have two extra cores, which will ideally improve laptop performance, and the GPU will have 16-core and 32-core GPUs instead of the eight cores in the m1.

This year macs are coming with only two variants of ram options which could be 16 and 32 gigs, and the storage options are like 256, 512, 1TB, 2TB,4TB. These all are rumors so take it easy. 


What to Expect from Apple's October 18 Event: MacBook Pro, M1X Chip,  AirPods 3, & More | Beebom

Next, after MacBooks, we can expect the AirPods 3, which has been on the news for pretty much a long time. These will be the successor of AirPods 2 features Anc Dolby atmos sound support and some features like that and wireless charging is likely to be a standard feature.

Another big update that may be dropping in this event is the mac mini which will also feature the m1x chips its a rumor. We can expect this to replace the intel based mac mini’s, which are like $1099. 

It is pretty much everything you can expect from the Apple event dropping this month, and we are excited to see what Apple will bring to the table this Monday. The event will be live on apple’s official YouTube channel and more information on their website.

Article Proof Read & Edited By Shreedatri Banerjee



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