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Exclusive: Is Apple music coming to Sony PlayStation 5? Excited for more information!!!

Apple Music connecting options have been spotted on two Playstation 5 systems, leading to anticipation that Apple’s service may be accessible soon. Apple TV+ and Apple Music are now technically available on other platforms like Android, Windows, and Smart TVs.
Apple appears to be working on bringing the Music app to the PlayStation 5. When creating a new account on a Playstation 5, a Reddit user noticed the service was available. The icon appeared beside the long-time music streaming service Spotify, implying users may download an app for functionality.

The app appeared in the PS5’s music menu, according to a PS5 user on Reddit (The Verge). However, for the time being, there is no way to download the app because an error message states that it isn’t available.

It is technically the error message displayed by the PlayStation 5 whenever an app is missing (like many of the PlayStation 5’s media apps, including Spotify, are PlayStation 4 apps running).

Another person speculated that the app would be made available for PlayStation 4 consoles. However, that doesn’t imply because that error is standard when an app isn’t known for. On Monday, Apple is holding an event unleashed on October 18th, announcing the new MacBooks.

Brief Scenario

Apple Teams Up With Sony, Apple Music Coming To PS5?

Since its release, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been incredibly popular and in high demand; due to the present scenario, getting your hands on one has become extremely difficult, if not impossible. Many games include Spotify integration, which allows you to listen to music. However, the platform still lacks significant players like Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, and others.

That could change very soon, like Apple Music could finally make its way to the gaming platform. When creating a new PlayStation 5 account, a Reddit user discovered the Apple Music app.

Since November, Spotify has already been a music streaming option on the PS5, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while playing games. However, the console may soon gain support for yet another service: as per Apple Music.

The first hint about apple music in the PS5

Apple Music approaching on PS5? - HiTech Wiki

The first hint came when a Reddit user discovered Apple Music in the PS5’s music menu. The option likewise appeared when they created a new account and attempted to connect it to Spotify.

Apple hasn’t confirmed that Apple Music would be coming to the PS4 and PS5, but given that the Apple TV app is already accessible for PlayStation consoles, it wouldn’t be surprising. At this moment, it’s unclear what’s going on. The Apple Music option’s inconsistency hints that the Reddit user and Eurogamer may have had a sneak glimpse at something Sony and Apple are working on.

Sony has included the Apple TV software on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, indicating that Apple Music will be available in the future. The presence of an Apple Music symbol in the PS5’s music menu suggests that the two businesses have been working on some special arrangements.

Apple Music is already accessible on various non-Apple devices, including Samsung Smart TVs, Google Nest, and Android phones and tablets. Apple is working on new Apple Music and Podcast apps, which might include apps for Xbox or even Windows, according to sources told Inventiva earlier this year.

Sony and Apple just established a collaboration to give PS5 owners six months of free Apple TV+ access, so the two firms collaborating makes sense. The Apple TV app is also available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Apple develops Apple Music app for Sony PlayStation 5 - Aroged

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