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Purchased the new iPhone 13? Get your hands on these top must-have items for less than Rs 1,000.

Every time a new iPhone is released, the Internet is flooded with kidney jokes. These jokes illustrate how expensive a new iPhone can be. While these may be jokes, purchasing a new iPhone may burn a hole in one’s wallet — the iPhone 13 series starts at Rs 69,900. Even the older ones are too expensive.

So if you bought an iPhone, your pocket would feel a lot lighter due to your purchase. You do not need to lighten your bag further for the accessories you will need with it (and yes, you will need accessories since the contents of the iPhone box have been reduced). 

In reality, many iPhone accessories are available, priced around Rs 1,000, and come from reputable manufacturers with a proven track record.Planning to buy Apple iPhone 13? Here's why you might have to wait a little  longer to get your hands on it - The Financial Express

Cases for your iPhone Even when Apple emphasizes that the new iPhones are robust and durable enough to stand alone, the first thing to do after receiving a new iPhone is to buy a cover. It’s not that we don’t believe the brand’s claims; we wouldn’t want to risk even a minor scratch, much alone a break, on that glass back. As a result, purchasing a new iPhone is followed by a formal case-acquiring ceremony.

Here is a compiled list of iPhone cases under Rs 1,000.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid: The hybrid design has a sturdy back and a TPU bumper for further protection. It has a crystal clear glass back to show off its unique phone design. It has a haptic grip and an easy-to-press button cutout. It has higher bezels to protect the screen from accidental falls and is priced at Rs 999 on Flipkart and Amazon India.

Amozo iPhone 11 Case Autofocus series: Most screen protectors are compatible with the Amozo iPhone 11 Case, having bilateral wireless charging. It’s available on Amazon India for Rs 699 and is built of high-quality materials to enable hybrid construction. Raised bezels help protect the camera and screen from physical harm. With its cuts, it’s simple to feel and press buttons, and most wires will fit.

Cubix Case (Black/Clear): With its dual-layer protection, it provides 360-degree full-body rugged protection to your device. Thanks to a raised lip that covers the screen and camera, it protects your phone from damage, dirt, and sand. It provides hassle-free wireless charging in addition to its pleasant design. You can buy this on Flipkart and Amazon at Rs 799.

YGS Front & Back Case: The YGS, available on Flipkart and Amazon India for Rs 999, has an anti-peeping Front Glass, which allows the user to view just the information presented on the screen. It has Super Magnetic adsorption and keeps the phone’s top and bottom covered. It protects the whole body of the phone and has a perfect-fit design and wireless charging capability for your phone’s long life.

REAL CASE Back Cover: Flipkart has this soft silicone bumper cover for iPhone 11 for Rs 179. Despite its low cost, it provides full-body protection for your phone. For a long phone life, it has an anti-scratch, bubble-free, and anti-yellow design. A TPU frame, tactile grip, raised bezels, and a shock-absorber for angled-drop protection are all included to keep the phone secure.

2. Tempered GlassiPhone 13 buyers want better battery life, cheaper prices the most -  Technology News

While a cover protects the back of your iPhone, the tempered glass protects the front, which houses the device’s most important feature: the display. Many branded ones cost a lot, and those purchased on the black market may not protect the show at all.

Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass screen protector.

Priced at Rs 800, these come with a simple installation kit to install the screen protector yourself. They are not only well-designed and incredibly durable but have an easy installation kit that allows you to apply the screen protector yourself. 

Putting it on is simple and saves you the trouble of going to your local dealer and giving over your phone in these COVID times. To top it off, the EZ Fit Tempered Glass comes in a two-pack, meaning you receive two screen protectors in one package, saving you time and money.

3. Earphones

Apple’s iPhones used to come with wired earphones in the package. That period has come to an end. If you don’t already have a set, you’ll need to purchase some earbuds.

KZ EDX Earbuds (Rs 899) 

These earbuds not only have a pretty cool, translucent look but have a lot of cool features for less than a thousand rupees. They have 10mm composite magnetic dynamic drivers that offer excellent high- and low-frequency clarity. It’s worth noting that the buds also detach from the cable, so if the wires break, you can easily replace them rather than buy a new pair of earbuds.

Apart from this, you can buy the top wireless earphones for under Rs. 1000, like:

ProBass X1-WL from Boult Audio

According to the manufacturer, the Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL is a wireless neckband with 12 hours of playback. Once ultimately charged, the X1-WL is said to have a standby time of 1-2 days. It has oval-shaped earbuds that should be comfortable to wear. According to the manufacturer, the output audio has a deep bass that isolates the sounds. It features IPX5 water and sweat-resistant rating. The Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL includes an ergonomic neckband with in-line control that rests firmly on the neck.

boAt Rockerz 245v2

The boAt Rockerz Bluetooth earphone has all of the essentials for music or workout demands. The Rockerz 245v2 headset is equipped with the most up-to-date Bluetooth v5.0 technology, ensuring the most excellent Bluetooth experience possible. It’s assured by a transparent and straightforward tuning procedure, as well as dependable and stable connectivity. The IPX5 grade of the boAT 245v2 attachment ensures that it is impervious to water and perspiration.

Tangentbeat Bluetooth 5.0 by PTron

 The PTron Tangentbeat wireless Bluetooth earphone is designed with comfort in mind. Its silica ear covers ensure security, while the fixed in-ear design reduces external noise and ensures comfort.

The Zebronics Zeb-Symphony Wireless In-Ear Neckband Earphone 

ZEB-SYMPHONY is designed with care, with a comfy neckband that enhances comfort when jogging or strolling. The earphones are tangle-free and come with an adjustable collar; the earbuds feature a comfortable fit and a beautiful earpiece for a knot-free start to your day.

4. Audio Jack for your wired earphonesGot a new iPhone 13? Grab these must-have accessories, at under Rs 1,000  each - 24HTECH.ASIA

Since Apple has stopped giving an audio jack along with the phone, here is a fantastic product that you must-have for a hassle-free experience:

Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Jack Adapter (Rs 900)

The iPhone no longer has a 3.5 mm audio port, and while many people have flocked to TWS’ wireless arms, you don’t yet have to give up your wired headphones. With Apple’s Lightning to 3.5 mm audio jack adapter, you can easily connect your wired headphones to your iPhone. 

Comparable adapters from other manufacturers are available for much less money. Still, this one is unique in that it has a built-in DAC that provides high-quality sound and allows you to listen to music in Apple’s recently announced lossless audio codecs, which is not possible with Bluetooth headphones.

The quality of the product is unquestionable – after all, this is coming from Apple. During shopping festivals, you might purchase it for a little cheaper price. Just be kind with it; it, too, suffers from misfortune like many Apple cables: it wears out at the ends.

5. Chargers  

 Last year, Apple opted not to supply phones with a wall adapter to make its brand more environmentally friendly. As a result, you will no longer receive a charger in the box. Furthermore, the charging/data cable that comes with the device is a Lightning to Type-C cable. Apple’s goals may be reasonable, but for someone purchasing their first iPhone or those with outdated adapters with Type-A ports sitting around, this creates a dilemma. When you get a new iPhone, you will be required to purchase an adapter.

Stuffcool Novem Power Delivery Adapter (Rs 999)

Adapters are something we highly advise you not to buy on the black market. An adapter with no or shady certifications might harm your phone’s battery or even turn it into a ticking time bomb that could explode. The Suffcool Novem Power Delivery Wall Charger is the best of them. 

Apple has its adapters, but they are costly (sigh). However, there are several choices for people who are prepared to spend less than four figures. It has a Type C connector with a 20W power supply, which is as quickly as they can charge an iPhone. The adapter is well-made, and we can’t emphasize how important it is to come from a well-known brand with a six-month warranty.Under-Rs 1000 Accessories For iPhone 13 You Can Buy Right Away! – –  Indian Business of Tech, Mobile & Startups

Apple USB-C Power Adapter (20W)

Apple produces its 20W fast charger, which is a fantastic option for compatibility. Additionally, if you intend on using Apple’s wireless chargers, the 20 USB-C Power Adapter is certified to work with them and originally priced at Rs. 1599, at the sale you can buy it for up to Rs. 715 on Amazon.

INICIO 4 in 1 60W PD Cable (Rs 999) 

An extremely flexible data cable called the INICIO 4 in 1 60W PD cable can address this teeny-tiny problem. It is a four-in-one cable that can transmit and link data from USB Type C to USB Type C, USB Type-A to USB Type C, USB Type-A to Lightning, and USB Type C to Lightning.

As a result, this is a cable that we can use with our iPhones and other phones and gadgets. It means that no matter what device, adapter, or laptop you have, the cable will include a connector for connecting your iPhone to it. The line supports PD, QC, and AFC fast charging with a maximum output of 60 W. You can receive a maximum output of 60 W when switching from Type C to Type C, enough to charge high-power laptops. It is officially priced at Rs. 1,499, but owing to some discounts on online shopping platforms, it is nearly always available for less than Rs 1,000.

Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Cable by Belkin (Rs. 999)

Belkin is a well-known brand of Apple accessories. Belkin makes a high-quality and long-lasting Lightning cable for the iPhone and iPad. This one has received MFI certification. As a result, it’s safe to use with an iPhone. It’s minor and has a foot in length. It also comes in a variety of hues.

AmazonBasics Apple Lightning to USB Cable (Apple Certified) (Rs. 850)Buy Stuffcool Novem 20 Watts Wall Charging Adapter (Fast Charging  Capability, WCNVMPD-WHT, White) Online – Croma

The vast majority of people trust this wire. It’s Apple MFi approved, so you may use it with any Apple product that supports it. It is both small and long-lasting. It comes with a one-year guarantee but can last much longer. For durability, an additional layer of protection has been added. It has been tested over 4,000 times to bend 95 degrees.

LTG 500-2Mtr Data Cable from Boats (Rs. 999)

This cable is Apple-approved lightning charging cable for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It features a 2-meter aluminum wire housing for long-term durability and demanding reliability and can withstand a lot of pressure and stretch. A two-year manufacturing guarantee covers it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab these fantastic accessories now to have a luxurious experience of using an iPhone on a pocket-friendly budget.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee



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