Apple unleashed event: New MacBook pro launched in the variant of 14-inch and 16-inch

ll-new MacBook Pro’s have dropped in Apple’s new unleashed named event, and here you can get all the information you need. Apple dropped their new generation MacBook pro lineup for the year 2022, and there are significant improvements according to apple and lots of recent changes, so what’s new, and should you be looking for them?

Here is the detailed information you would be looking for and should be upgrading from your earlier one.

New MacBook Pro lineup processor

So Apple announced its new MacBook Pro lineup with two different models and a 14-inch kind of variation of the model, and another one is the 16-inch kind of model variant. This time likewise, as per the leaks and rumors, Apple has done a great job, and the new powerful m1 chipsets are the monster’s; yes, you heard it right. This time there are two m1 chips. 

M1 pro and m1 max both the chipset are 70% faster then the previous very powerful m1 which changed the laptop game completely so believe me when I say these are the monster’s so this time the m1 pro has ten core CPU where 8 are the high-performance cores, and 2 of them are efficiency cores. In the GPU, i.e., Graphics Processing Unit segment, it has 16 hearts with up to 32 GB of ram and 32.7 billion transistors which you must be thinking a bit less but keeps in mind it is just the start. With the same shared memory architecture and five nm-based architecture, it is physically a bumped up to the version of the m1. 

Now, m1 max is the fastest and the most powerful one. It also has ten core CPUs, i.e., Central Processing Unit, like the m1 pro with eight high-performance and two efficiency cores. Still, all the game changes on the GPU side where the m1 pro has 16 core GPU the m1 max has 32 core GPU and up to 64 GB ram with 57 billion transistors compared to 32.7 billion in the m1 pro.

Let’s see different features of the new MacBook pro.



Apple will also improve the viewing or content observing experience. This time, Apple introduced a notch to their collection to remove some bezels, and the show is 1600 nits bright with HDR support, which will be helpful for content providers who edit in HDR. According to leaks, they have also added a 120-hertz publicity display with an automatic kind refresh rate, which means the show will refresh automatically.


According to Apple, these two MacBooks will have similar good battery life. The 14-inch MacBook Pro provides 14 hours of video playback and an additional 7 hours of video playback. In comparison, the 16-inch MacBook Pro offers 21 hours of video playback and an extra 10 hours of video playback. It has a pretty good battery life considering the massive power-hungry processor and big screens. 


This all-new MacBook Pro has most of the connectivity options, which we were not expecting from apple, but they have done it this time they have added the ports we all need.

The new MacBook includes:

  • An HDMI port.
  • A MagSafe charging connector.
  • An SD card slot.
  • Three USB-C connections.
  • A high-definition audio output headphone jack.

This time, Apple has delivered everything we wanted. They have realized that laptops are for productivity, so MacBook owners no longer need to carry dongles around to perform things with their computers. 


It is part where you may or may not like the thing which Apple has done this time apple has removed its touch bar with the physical button and their butterfly keyboard with the touch id sensor, which many of us will like and many of won’t this can vary for the user to user.


The new MacBook Pro comes with two different models, 14 inches and 16 inches, with thin Bezels (3.5mm) to be precise, a notch on the front, and a large area for heat dissipation. The 14-inch model is 3.5 pounds/1.5 kilograms and 15.5 mm thin, and the 16-inch model is 4.7 pounds/2.1 kilograms and 16.8 mm thin.
So this is all about the new MacBook Pro, which you should know, but now the this is should you upgrade to this new-gen MacBooks.

The point is these new-gen MacBooks are seriously powerful laptops and can handle anything you throw at it, but as the performance, it gives the pricing is also high. The 14-inch MacBook Pro base variant starts from ₹194900 and goes up to ₹239900, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts from ₹239900 for the m1 pro chips and goes up to ₹259900.

If you want to get the m1 max versions, you will have to pay a minimum of ₹329900 for that, so this is pretty expensive for that price. If you are willing to buy and have that much money to spend on the laptop, you can surely go for it. You will have a fantastic experience with your work as videography, editing, photography, HDR content, etc.
But if you don’t have that much money to spend and can bear with less so there is an option to buy the last-gen m1 version MacBook, which is pretty fast too, but you have to cut some corners here and there, but you will be ok with all of your work.

HomePod minimacbook

The homepod mini, which, if you are in the Apple ecosystem, must have heard about which was launched previously with the iPhone 12 series. It is the smart speaker from Apple to cope up with their ecosystem and provide a smart speaker like Google Home or 

Amazon’s Alexa work with iPhones flowless and this speaker are the mini version of the original homepod for those who will use it as an intelligent speaker for daily tasks. It has Siri inbuilt in them. They connect quickly with the iPhone MacBook and iPads with Crips audio. Apple has launched different colors like yellow, orange, blue, where previously it had only the white color variant and space grey. It is for the people who don’t want to spend much on a smart speaker with starting price of ₹9900.


Apple has dropped the AIRPODS 3, which we have been hearing in leaks for a long time, and it has now finally arrived. These are the new 3rd generation AIRPODS designed similarly to the AIRPODS pro but without silicon tips, in-ear design, and active noise cancellation.

This time, though, it includes a feature known as spatial audio. This feature allows you to listen to music, TV shows, movies, and more in 360° audio with excellent sound quality and dynamic head tracking that positions sound all around you to create a three-dimensional listening experience that makes you feel like you’re in a hall. An active driver, driven by a bespoke amplifier and designed by Apple, presents highly detailed sound quality music, allowing you to enjoy every tone, from deep, rich bass to crisp, clean highs. And provide you with a fully immersive audio experience in a lossless format.

It also has IPX4 sweat and water resistance, allowing you to carry it everywhere you choose.


With a MagSafe charger, you can charge the MagSafe Charging Case wirelessly and effortlessly. The case can provide up to 30 hours of total listening time when fully charged. In addition, charging AirPods in the case for 5 minutes gives you about an hour of listening time. It provides good battery life for your music with up to 6 hours of listening time on a single charge and up to 30 hours of battery life with the charging case. These truly wireless headphones are for individuals who don’t want an in-ear design but want great-looking AirPods, starting at 18500 dollars.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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