10 Best Invoicing Software for Startup Companies & Small Businesses 2021

With digital payments being all trendy in the current period, there has been no lack of e-payment gateways and online payment platforms, thanks to PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India. New-age buyers are more likely to pay invoices online. In addition, delivering the invoice on the same day increases the probability of receiving proper payments. The only thing you need is the best billing and invoicing tools for your company. They minimize manual entries, increase accounting accuracy, and save money in the long term.

Here are some of the best invoicing software currently available in India:

1. FreshBooks

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting platform specifically built for service providers, small companies, and freelancers. It will monitor your time, generate invoices, track costs, provide reports, plan forecasts, submit follow-up emails, and let your team members and clients log in. And on top of all that features, it’s super easy to use. Freshbooks also provides several automated emails that will alert consumers about late purchases, received payments, and whether they have a new invoice. Once you get a copy and initialization of these configurations, they will go automatically when you perform those actions.


  • Managed in the cloud: Because it is cloud-based, you can access information remotely from your desktop, phone, or tablet.

  • Manage your company from anywhere: it has an incredibly advanced smartphone app that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

  • Link to industry-leading apps: connect to industry-leading apps such as Shopify, Gusto, and Fundbox, to name a few.


FreshBooks starts at an incredibly fair $15 a month. (New buyers will get 70 percent off their first three months, which reduces the rate to $4.50.) Sadly, this simple package only allows you to bill up to five clients a month. If you enter a new active client that reaches the maximum, FreshBooks will immediately charge you up to 50 active clients for the Plus package.

2. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a quick, easy-to-use invoicing app that lets you monitor time, build personalized invoices, and get paid more easily online. It helps you to handle your debts and to work with your customers and colleagues. Saving time by automating recurring invoices, paying reminders, and writing messages to thank you. Keep in touch with your company from everywhere with iOS and Android applications.

Zoho Invoice is the ultimate billing platform for freelancers and small business owners. It’s easy and company owners will get started in just no time. You will start submitting custom invoices in seconds.


  • Customizable template: Pick from a wide variety of completely customized models.

  • Workflow Automation: Automate time-consuming recurring processes related to invoice management and recording

  • Safe Collaboration: The customer portal helps you to communicate with customers in real-time instead of sending long emails.


Zoho Invoice’s lowest-paying package starts at only $9 a month and allows you to invoice up to 50 customers a month. If you don’t have a lot of customers and want to save a little cash every month, Zoho’s free plan lets you charge up to five customers.

3. Invoicely

Invoicely is a cloud-based payment solution aimed at small companies and freelancers. Its main attraction is its free service, which allows unlimited invoices for an unlimited number of buyers. The software is the third version of the initial framework released in 2012 with the goal of developing a new online mass invoicing network. Invoicely carries with it all the simple features required of billing and payment applications, such as invoice development, payment schedules, and automated notifications, process integration, business account management, and customer identity management, multi-currency support, and data import and export, to name a few. The app emphasizes its ease of navigation and service and, as stated above, the existence of a free alternative that would be adequate to satisfy the needs of individual entrepreneurs and start-ups for all purposes and purposes.


  • Many free plans typically have limits on the number of invoices you can file, and the number of invoices you can send to the client. Not Invoicely, which makes the free plan a strong and realistic alternative for firms about to launch.

  • The software shines with ease of access. Because it is cloud-hosted, there is no configuration and all you need to do is build your account at Invoicely, add a few company details, allocate your own URL, pick your payment gateway, configure authorization settings for your team, and you’re all set up.

  • The focus of the app, apart from streamlining the accounting and billing process to get you paid on time, is to keep things coordinated.


The cost of the invoice starts at $7.99 a month (billed annually). There is no free trial allowed for this. A free edition is available.

4. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an open-source invoice, billing, and payment processing software built to streamline and automate the way freelancers and small and medium-sized firms. It handles their invoices and pays for their goods and services easily. The app makes it easier for users to produce elegant, beautifully designed invoices that their customers can access digitally or download and print on paper. Clients will automatically pay customers straight from the invoice without having to leave the device in order to speed up the payment process.


  • Invoice Ninja has a range of capabilities and resources to make invoice management and all its associated processes a breeze for you and your company.

  • In the case of time-based tasks and resources, Invoice Ninja helps you to monitor work and invoice your customers by the hour or minute. The app provides a time monitoring feature to guarantee that both your work and services are properly invoiced.

  • Billing monthly programs and subscriptions don’t have to be complicated. Invoice Ninja lets you set up regular invoices and auto-billing your clients on a monthly or annual basis, saving you the time and money you would spend on other urgent matters.


For those who choose web-based software instead, Invoice Ninja offers three SaaS pricing options: one free option and two competitive paying plans. There is a 14-day preview available for the payment plans. No credit card details are needed and the plan can be canceled at any time.

You can get two months of free service if you want to subscribe on a yearly basis rather than on a monthly basis. You will even make money with Invoice Ninja’s generous referral scheme. You will spend $20/year for a white label license to remove this logo or upgrade to Pro or Enterprise plans.

5. Tally.ERP 9

Tally is renowned for its age-long accounting skills. It will effectively schedule investments, control working resources, and boost cash flow for companies. It also helps one to track spending, control exceptions in business processes, and manage budgets in a better way. Tally is an on-site accounting solution that caters mainly to small and medium-sized companies across a range of sectors. It offers industry functions, including accounting, financing, procurement, distribution, purchase, point of sale, purchasing, labor expense, payroll, and division management. The Tally Accounting Module facilitates support activities such as voucher management, reminder letters, and bank reconciliation and offers a dashboard to display market ratios. The sales module monitors receivables, payables, billing, and invoices and registers orders.


  • Factors in all GST based statutory amendments when and where possible to mitigate the dismissal of your GST returns.

  • There is no requirement for a manual reconciliation of financial transfers. It’s fully automated to save time and reduce mistakes.

  • Professionals who are eligible to operate this network are quick to find.

  • This platform is extremely cabable to satisfy the requirements of small businesses in India.


The price of Tally.ERP 9 is $248.35 for the Silver Edition and $745.59 for the Gold Edition.

6. Quickbooks

QuickBooks Online is a web-based accounting solution that provides services to individual accountants and small businesses. The solution helps to consolidate bank balances, manage prices, file invoices and review financial reporting, among others. It enables consumers to download and reconcile credit card receipts and enables companies to organize weekly cash deposits and bank deposits. Users can also take narrative photographs of bills and send them as evidence of costs or share them with the stakeholders concerned. QuickBooks Online also allows data to be downloaded from advanced apps such as Paypal, American Express and Square. Other functions include making invoice recruitment, mailing online payment receipts, setting up payment reminder rules and monitoring receipts.


  • Through personalized reports and dashboards, you can easily see how the business operates.

  • Import transactions to QuickBooks on a regular basis, ensuring the costs and sales balance.

  • Support is inexpensive, easily accessible and timely.


Priced at $20.71/Year inclusive of GST, it is claimed to have everything needed to operate a company, and our estimate is that it would certainly be a valuable billing software for small companies.

7. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is a popular service industry billing system that helps not only to monitor purchases but also to teach you how to make more profit. It’s ideal for people who want to handle money with some sort of accounting experience. It’s easy to use. From controlling revenue and cost accounts to monitoring the whole cash balance, ProfitBooks is the perfect solution for accounting and inventory management. ProfitBooks has been a savior of numerous high-quality companies and new projects for its technologically innovative features. For a growing business, financial forecasting and resource control are equally essential for the coordination of revenue and product perspectives. If you are a producer, wholesaler or retailer, ProfitBooks provides a steady forum for monitoring the process of handling and filing tax returns.


  • ProfitBooks helps the company to build unrestricted invoices and revenue bills while keeping track of product movement. It is necessary for the manufacturing sector to submit invoices and monitor product flow bills and handle unpaid fees.

  • ProfitBooks enables comprehensive tax reports and encourages tax filing. Businesses will produce VAT reports and GST analysis on a range of scales as per the Indian tax system.

  • ProfitBooks allows interpretation of sales and cost management that enables the company to consider the real tax and loss status of the business.


ProfitBooks has a premium edition and is offering a free trial. ProfitBooks paid edition starts at $15.00 a month.

8. Vyapar

Vyapar, as the name implies, is built specifically for ‘Vyaparis’ (businessmen) to fulfill their small business needs. It is one of the simplest corporate accounting and inventory management software systems on the market today. Vyapar is designed to simplify activities for people who run their own company and have to keep records but are not really knowledgeable about technology and accounting. The platform also includes automation capabilities to make accounting as simple as possible. Automatic Payment alerts can be configured such that consumers can sit back and relax without thinking about the invoice being charged on time. It’s a GST app, and it runs great even offline.


  • Small-scale enterprise becomes GST-compatible with Vyapar as it provides a digitalized interface for the management of various tax slabs. Company can now conveniently file returns without any human mistakes.

  • Vyapar has incorporated digital business reform by enabling the firm to control both parties, produce invoices and remain on the market.

  • Vyapar provides auto backup facilities that avoid data loss from occurring due to paper loss. Keeping any document on a digital platform allows to recover it if and when necessary.

  • Market managers may also monitor staff success by reviewing sales invoices and cash invoices.


It is available in both Desktop/ PC version and Mobile and is priced at $34.50 per year.

9. MARG ERP 9+

It is an on-site ERP solution that is generally used by small, medium-sized and enterpriselevel companies. It offers a variety of modules tailored to the needs of retailers, distributors and manufacturers in a variety of industries. The solution provides Android applications to consumers, shop owners and vendors. MARG ERP9+ solutions include order management, procurement control, output preparation and costing and inventory management, as well as providing distribution systems for various sectors, including pharmacy.

The MARG ERP9+ Retail module includes inventory management, reporting, integration with e-commerce platforms, touch POS, barcode scanners and integration with logistics platforms.


  • Efficient accounting software with GST-compliant features allows to produce effective financial reports, conduct tax calculations, and help file GST returns quickly.

  • Downloading this efficient app involves instant billing and maintaining product data. Local centers can help incorporate the program effectively.

  • Automation of the business workflow as expected by the customer is an integral layer of functionality.

  • Margerp9+ encourages timely developments and inventions. Company should look forward to enhancing business efficiency and optimizing the advantages of the self-customization tool.


Pricing starts at $99.34.

10. Invoicera

Invoicera takes into account that the billing demands of small companies, businesses and freelancers vary from one another. It understands that there is no use in overloading a small business owner with billing functionality that will not be of much value.


  • Invoicera is a completely online, cloud-based platform that helps you to handle customers, suppliers, billing, on-the-go accounting changes and streamlines billing and billing-related activities.

  • The system updates itself on a real-time basis so that the latest information can be made available on one’s fingertips in any part of the world and decisions can be taken quickly.

  • Invoicera is a commonly used web software that serves over 30 payment gateways.

  • It’s an excellent billing platform for personalized process control that can take care of all recurring bills quickly.

Pricing: The starter pack is free of cost. Pro pack is $262.25/ year.

11. TaxAdda

TaxAdda online billing software is a easy to use application created specifically for Indian Businesses. There is nothing to set up, you can enter you GSTIN (if you have) and directly start invoicing. It is a good option for small businesses along with freelancers, service providers and retail stores. It’s copy invoice function enables to enter the invoices at a very fast speed if you have similar type of invoices. 

1. When you enter GSTIN of your customer, all details including name, address, gst registration type etc are auto filled.
2. You can generate GST returns in a click and also download Json files which can be directly uploaded on GST portal. 
3. Best in class payment tracking. All payments received in an invoice are shown directly in the invoice.
4. You can invite any number of users in all plans. 
5. You can see the customer or supplier ledgers.
6. All types of transactions are supported like purchase bill, credit note, debit note, sales order, purchase order, quotation. 
It is free for up to 10 sales invoices per month. Then there is plan of Rs. 799 for up to 50 invoices per month and 1499 for up to 250 invoices per month. It is a very reasonable priced software as compare to other applications available in market. 


Right billing and accounting software makes it much easier to track positive cash flow, bill clients exactly what you’re worth, and go home happy at the end of the day. Let’s hope one of the solutions above can help you check all three things out of your small-business to-do list. As a small business owner, you have a much better chance of maintaining a healthy cash flow with the help of billing and billing software. They are much more intuitive and accurate than the Excel spreadsheet. They are alleviating silly accounting errors. Any of the above products would make a great software billing solution for a small business.

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