Ambani’s plan to make one of the world’s biggest Zoos in Gujrat; Komodo dragons, and other exotic animals to be the highlight of the Zoo

Hold your breath; the Ambani’s are at it again – the title of the ‘biggest’ ‘largest’ is not just taglines for the Ambani family. Irrespective of which sector they might be looking to invest in or venture into, the Ambani’s have always strived for the ‘larger than life’ pictures to paint, and this time it is not just in business but a little ‘extra’ in the world of Zoos.

Yes, you heard it right; as per the latest report from Bloomberg, the Ambani family is all set to build one of the world’s biggest Zoos in Gujrat.
The wealthiest family of Asia is all set to invest in this new pet project in their home state, also from where it operates its largest oil refining complex.

According to the corporate affairs director at Reliance, the venture will also include a rescue centre to support the local government.
The Ambani’s, the most influential family in India, are also Asia’s wealthiest, with an approximate worth of about a whopping $80 billion. The Ambani’s have been able to create an empire that has seen success in tech and e-commerce ventures.

However, the animal venture is being touted as Anant Ambani’s (the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani) pet project. The zoo will be named “Greens Zoological Rescue and the Rehabilitation Kingdom.” Does it remind anyone of the Jurassic Park series? Albeit the animals here are not extinct, yet but close to being endangered due to loss of habitat and forest cover.

A detailed project report of the same has already been submitted along with the Master (Layout) Plan for the proposed establishment of the Zoo to be built in Jamnagar. It has been reported that the approval for the same has also been given in the 33rd Meeting of the Central Zoo Authority in February 2019, and the same is scheduled to open by 2023.

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However, the pet project cost has not been disclosed, and the same is expected to open for the public provided that the project is not delayed due to Covid -19.

This is not the first time that the Ambani family has eyed public–facing ventures. In fact, Mukesh’s wife Nita has made a name of her own when it comes to handling and executing some of the most glittering of ventures.
The venture into sports has long happened with Ambanis’ owning one of the cricket teams – Mumbai Indians- and starting a soccer league in 2014. Nita Ambani also joined the board of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2019.
Nita’s other projects include – Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, Reliance Foundation, Dhirubhai Ambani International School. She also is the first and the only woman member of the International Olympic Committee.

Meanwhile, Isha Ambani, too, has had a few ventures of her own. She announced a new school named after her mother, the Nita Ambani Primary and Middle School.
Some of the other projects have been in the field of performing arts; the Jio World Centre is an ode to performing arts with theaters and the largest convention centre in India besides the retail, commercial, and residences.

However, coming back to the Animal Zoo project, the lineup of the animals is spectacular though a little disheartening knowing that the future of most of these animals is likely to be in such Zoos and Parks.
According to reports, the zoo plans to have an extensive list of animals and birds from all over the world; the list includes – the African Lion, Jaguar, Sloth bear, Pygmy Hippo, Malayan tapir, African Elephant and Komodo Dragons besides Indian species like the Bengal Tiger.

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The zoo sections’ names are as impressive as the line up of the animals – Frog House, Dragon’s Land, Land of Rodent, Aquatic kingdom, Marshes of the West Coast, Exotic Island to Forest of India, and the Indian Desert.
A project such as this could only have come from the Ambani’s since they have the potential to invest in and the economic horsepower to create a fantasy land within grasp.

The reason behind such ventures could either be a personal commitment or a strategy to up a family’s and the company’s image. It also has the potential to turn profitable and in mitigating potentially negative exposure.
Besides, such ventures also help confirm a wealth holder’s standing in society and affirm the legacy of the family into the future.

The world over, wealthy business tycoons have indulged in the wildest and unusual investments over the last couple of years. An Indonesian tycoon has also ventured into building a zoo though he claims that the same was constructed out of “passion for animals.”

Some are into art and have plans to build museums to house some of their contemporary collection. In contrast, others have ventured into setting wineries; Jack Ma, China’s famous internet empire tycoon, has spent close to $16 million to buy Chateau de Sours in 2016, a 16th century 198-acre estate in France’s Bordeaux region.

Coming home, Ambani’s zoo project is undoubtedly a piece of wild fantasy coming to reality as it boasts of housing some of the world’s most exotic animals and birds. The other side of this fantasy land is the fact that it will undoubtedly generate much-needed employment opportunities.

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So while the people of Gujrat and the rest of the country may be surprised at the news of this exotic venture, rest assured it could only be the Ambani’s who could have thought of this extraordinary new venture.


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