Ajay Kumar Prajapati : A game of digital Advertising

Ajay Kumar Prajapati : A game of digital Advertising

Nowadays after a big lockdown, the interest of people has reduced from the offline market and those people are moving forward in online shopping. People entered the digital world and started exploring the Internet world. Many people lost their jobs and work from home started.

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One of the inspirational people that we can count on is Ajay Kumar Prajapati, a digital marketing expert who started his journey in 2017 and is now working in the e-commerce industry with some of highly creative minds and ruling the digital world.

Ajay was raised in Jaipur and completed his graduation with Computer degree from University of Rajasthan. Even from his school days, he was very curious on digital world and started working on wordpress websites and learned about marketing and online advertisement. One of the reason why he became a successful E-commerce and digital marketer. And he is also working on a project called as “Hit by Hitting”.

He is co-founder of and working as a freelancer and providing value to the brands. He struggled in his starting days in the digital industry but that is what gained him this experience and his current position.

Ajay has given his all of pocket money in facebook ads in his struggling months and never compromised with learning and adapting knowledge and even now his passion for learning more and more has not stopped yet.

He had believed in himself and in what he was entering into, the faith and understanding of himself is a major advantage that raised him up to that spot. Ajay is the owner of one of E-commerce brands and he guides other brands to grow up what he did in past.

All of his work accomplished Ajay everything that he is, a certified Google and Fb advertiser professional and digital marketing expert.

Gaining a deeper hand in E-commerce, his brand a record of sales worth 5 million rupees every quarter . He says that all of the game is just about product. If you provide value to customer then he will be god for your brand. Achieving all of this was just a starting for him and now he will shortly announce his own company in digital sector and introduce another brand of E-commerce.

Everyone in this era wants to live luxurious and great life but they should have to work for it and Ajay has made it by his practise and knowledge. Ajay Kumar Prajapati knows fantastic ways to build relationships and engagement with customers and sell a worthy product to them.

Ajay has changed the perception of digital marketing among the people. He sat the new standards and believes that social media has all of the power that you need for your business. Ajay Kumar is an out of the box thinker and has a keen eye towards learning the trends in digital era. He always stays updated in his industry.

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