10 Best SMTP for Startup Companies 2021

A SMTP service can help you deliver emails securely and without fail to your users and customers. Email is an effective medium to access consumers and the website. It is also necessary to ensure that your e-mails are received and sent correctly to the boxes of your customers. And SMTP resources allow you to accomplish this purpose. SMTP is a protocol for e-mail transmission that helps you to send and receive e-mails on the Internet. in plain words. You launch an email campaign to transmit your emails through whitelisting servers and make sure your emails are safely delivered to the receiver box with Mail Transmission Agent(MTA).


Without coding and technological support, the distribution engine must be simple to set up. Moreover, the push of emails from a sender’s server to the receiver server can take as little time as possible. Well, various forms of requirements are required to help you decide the SMTP service that is better for you. For example, price schedules, features, distribution rates, etc.

Let us then take a closer look at some of the more popular available SMTP services. We also applied benefits and drawbacks to most of the SMTP offerings that we have seen most in customer feedback.

1. is the perfect SMTP service for you. With more than 22 years of experience, over 100,000 firms, including Best Buy and T-Mobile, trust this company. Using, a massive amount of emails can be sent and monitored while quick delivery is assured. The service assures that the box of your subscribers is entered automatically through your transactional emails. The most efficient email service is available on the market at In addition to handling huge volumes, it guarantees fast distribution. It has an infrastructure of high reactions that means that no delays occur. also offers complete reviews so that email distribution and engagement efficiency can be checked and enhanced. It serves both client and developer concerns and provides cost-effective plans for everyone. It can be conveniently incorporated with common websites, like WordPress, and you can set up soon. It also offers secure sending of spam blocks and SSL encryption. The program also provides 24/7 client assistance and comprehensive audit reports demonstrating the success of email distribution and participation.

Pricing: provides a 30-day free preview that encourages 50,000 e-mails to be submitted. The payment schemes begin at $25 a month. You should update the IP and integrity defender add-on to the higher level.


  • The amount of sending and views are recorded in full. Your reputational domain management features ensure your email still ends up in the inbox of the customer.

  • As a site owner of WordPress, you can use to deliver automatic website reminders, login emails, verification emails, WooCommerce shop confirmation orders, status alerts, etc.


  • It supports general IPs and special IPs.

  • Scalable and modular structures.

  • Tests spam proactively and keep the distribution speeds high.

  • Superfast supply and device uptime of more than 99 percent.

  • It has a highly responsive 24-hour support staff.


  • One or two small elements are absent from the interface. It is not the best email service to avoid, but they may be valuable additions.

2. SendinBlue

Sendinblue is one of the strongest suppliers of beginners’ email services to SMTP. They have a versatile marketing tool with e-mails, email marketing, instant messages, and live chat. WordPress and other third-party applications such as OptinMonster, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and many more will work wonderfully. They also have powerful personalization and automation functions for marketing to support the marketing campaigns. With WordPress and other marketing platforms, such as OptinMonster, Google Analytics, and more, this Email Provider operates very well.

Sendinblue provides an API and SMTP relay facility expanding the transactional e-mail delivery speeds. SendinBlue SMTP Provider presents all appropriate resources for the easy and effective maintenance of the contact list. To use them, no technological expertise is needed. SendinBlue also provides email and SMS marketing applications at the same time. She is one of the strongest suppliers of SMTP services to deliver transactional and promotional e-mails in huge numbers. It delivers the optimal distribution rate and guarantees that your emails arrive in the inbox of your customers.

Pricing: With 300 Emails a day, Sendinblue has a free plan forever. They cost $25 a month for their plans, with 40,000 e-mails a month and no limitations to the day.


  • The deliverability score of the inbox is 99%.

  • Get digital marketing resources, including email marketing, instant messages, Inbuilt SMTP, video chat, and many more.

  • Provides a free plan for SMEs and new startups forever.

  • Open SMTP Server beginning at $25/mo.

  • SendinBlue offers email campaign monitoring facilities and reports with open rate, click rate, bounce rate, etc.


  • Costs adverse and competitive.

  • Various email marketing automation features.

  • The GUI is simple and simple to use.

  • Email templates customizable.


  • On the slow side support is a little.

3. Mailgun

Mailgun is a successful developer and company SMTP service provider. They have solid APIs for transactional email sending. You can conveniently combine the website with WordPress. Regardless of whether you are an eCommerce retailer, an associate, or a small business, Mailgun provides an easy-to-use SMTP tool for sending marketing and transactional e-mails. Mailgun is an SMTP service that is easy to use. The delivery of marketing and transactional emails should not be a concern irrespective of the sort of website you use: an e-commerce company, a small consultancy firm, a membership website, or something else altogether.

Mailgun is a very strong developer SMTP provider. Its strong email platform allows you with higher delivery speeds to send million of transactional and bulk emails. MailGun automatically controls the e-mail distribution process and offers the safest way to land e-mails. You can track any email you send using the API or control panel. Any email you send and receive is monitored by MailGun. It offers a wide range of ways to control the e-mail campaign information and numbers dealing with spam complaints, spam screening, bounce handling, etc.

Pricing: With the first ten thousand emails open, Mailgun proposes a ‘pay as you go’ package. For small websites, the free plan is more than adequate. Their paying schemes in the industry are reasonably successful. If you want to use a special IP and boost delivery, it begins with a dedicated IP address at $79 per month.


  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are used by this SMTP program to authenticate your domain name and to make sure your email hits the customer inbox.

  • Give you a deep insight into your Mailgun server email campaign and evaluate any campaign success including tapping, bouncing, unopened, and much more.

  • An advanced email validation that helps to boost your converting was one of the most important features provided by Mailgun. It checks whether or not all email addresses are correct.


  • Unbelievably powerful.

  • Test mode supports.

  • Ideal for developers: a RESTful API with curl, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, C#, Go samples of libraries and codes.


  • It’s not good service.

  • Features of other SMTP providers on our list are not beginner-friendly.

4. SendGrid

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP mail service that requires you not to manage the SMTP server to send and receive a large number of emails. And email marketing campaigns can be built! The SMTP service can be enabled and operated effectively on any WordPress website, offering excellent scalability. SendGrid is a popular Cloud SMTP provider for sending mass emails without maintaining an SMTP server. With strong capabilities, it provides improved scalability.

You can set up your SMTP relay conveniently and use any WordPress account. It includes distribution software, e-mail insights, quick e-mail models, and third-party integrations for applications and utilities. They provide delivery optimization. SendGrid has tools, including dedicated IP addresses and domain name authentication tools, for the deliverability of email. The highest efficiency, scalability, and deliverability are provided by SendGrid.

Pricing: SendGrid has 3 pricing plans Essentials, Pro and Premier respectively. With 40,000 initial free emails and then 100 emails a day, they offer a free package. They cost $14.95 a month for their plans.


  • You will see open, press, bounce, and unsubscribe monitoring and much much more in a detailed summary of each email campaign results.

  • It has a very quick Web API that adds IP handling capabilities, email templates, user unsubscription features, and much, much more.

  • SendGrid provides versatile template and HTML editing solutions in a matter of minutes to create skilled email campaigns.


  • Seamless WordPress plugin integration.

  • Customer service attentive and supportive.


  • For new companies, payment arrangements can be too costly.

5. Amazon SES

For developers and markets to submit ads, updates, and transactional e-mails, Amazon SES offers a versatile and scalable SMTP service. This SMTP service provides high performance and solid features but is primarily targeted at developers and experienced users. The market pioneer in cloud computing is AWS or Amazon Web Services. Amazon SES or Amazon Quick Email Service is offered for your web services as an extension. It’s a strong SMTP Cloud-based tool to deliver marketing, notification, and transaction email campaigns to users and developers with ease.

With cost-effectiveness AWS, it provides improved delivery. Many powerful functions are available, but most are adapted for experienced users and developers. Therefore, you can email transaction notifications, send newsletters and accept incoming e-mails with trust. Its solid construction keeps the emails from ending up in a spam archive. Amazon Quick Email Service is another of our lists (Amazon SES). It is an SMTP cloud-based server for organizations of all sizes. It could be a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a safe and economic operation.

Pricing: You may use the free AWS tier to send 62,000 emails per month if your website is hosting on AWS. Prices start to be $0.10 for every 1,000 emails that you send on other websites.


  • Other AWS services including Amazon EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon SES, AWS IAM, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Route 53 & Amazon WorkMail can be linked to Amazon SES.

  • This SMTP server reports on the e-mail campaign you sent via Amazon SES and tracks the success of your e-mail campaign. You will see, open, press, funnel bounces, single dash grievances.


  • One of the market’s most favorable rates.

  • The first 62,000 emails are publicly accessible every month if you are running your web application on Amazon EC2.


  • Poor management of errors.

6. Google Suite

g suite for education | cca librariesGoogle Gmail SMTP is a trustworthy and fully free SMTP server that anybody with a Gmail account will use. You only have to customize the SMTP server settings for Google and you’re fantastic at moving. G Suite is Google’s corporate collaboration suite. You can use your own domain name for the calendar, Gmail, Docs, Images, and Gmail. But it is only sufficient for websites and blogs in small enterprises, as only 2,000 messages can be sent every day. Both free things have their own limits, as we all know. Same as Google SMTP helps you to send 2000 emails every day and 500 emails per day for trial accounts.

Pricing: Starts from $6 a month for each person.


  • It lets you obtain a company specialist email address while still using Google’s popular GUI.

  • G Suite lets you send emails using Google SMTP servers which means you can set up your WordPress Website’s email address and only use it to send WordPress emails.

  • You will deliver emails to your customers with this SMTP service by using the Google SMTP server. Integrating Gmail SMTP with the WP Mail SMTP is quick in WordPress.

  • WordPress can be quickly incorporated. Only import, trigger and customize the Gmail SMTP plugin from


  • Excellent budget.

  • Small industries are fantastic.

  • Trustworthy infrastructure.


  • Restricted to two thousand messages/day.

7. Postmark

Postmark is also easy to use for blogs, advertisers, and companies when using the SMTP service provider. It provides fast email delivery with easy integration and convenient pricing. Transactional e-mails are your skills, which ensures that they rely on distribution and speed. They deliver easy-to-follow e-mail analytics, account security, mobile sensitive models, basic webhook message events, and much more. This mail client provides outstanding interpretation and protection and easy-to-use mobile email models, message-related activities, and more.

Pricing: From $10 for 10,000 emails a month, from $1.25 for 1,000 emails.


  • One of Postmark’s features is its experience in transactional emails. That ensures you are having the highest degree of protection and thorough research.

  • Proper shipping practices are used by Postmark and 100% email inbox speeds. It ensures that your messages enter the inbox of the customer.

  • You will log your emails and verify who opened your emails, when you opened them, which channels you used and how much time you read the text.


  • Detailed 45-day analytics showing emails sent, received, received, read, and identified as spam for 45 days.

  • Several places for servers (3 in the US, 1 in Amsterdam, and 1 in Singapore).


  • Most of the costliest SMTP providers on the market (if not the most costly).

  • The use of his newsletter services by Postmark is strongly discouraged.

8. Moosend

The other email marketing program is strong alternatives to moosend. This SMTP tool provides smoother drag-and-drop e-mail, Google Analytics monitoring, and the management of IP addresses. It also delivers fast and easy integration and sends transactional emails directly into the mailbox of the customer. Moosend is an inexpensive SMTP email provider with an astounding email distribution rate of 98 percent.

SMTP provides a drag-and-drop email designer that makes creating transaction emails super fast. You can also create and send an electronic explosion and watch the emails. With Moosend you send emails instead of their spam folder into the user’s own personal inbox. It is renowned to have the highest distribution rates of 98 percent by the email credibility firm.

Pricing: Up to 1,000 participants of the free plan are included. Plans for payment begin at $10/month. For up to 1,000 credits, pay-as-You-Go plans to start at $3.


  • The configuration is very basic and easy to do without any technical experience.

  • Moosend informs on how many emails are received, how many are sent, the number of subscribers the email has opened, the bounce rate, and many more. You will be able to search on email campaign progress through an overview.

  • It comes with a drag & drop editor that allows you to build emails which are 100% sensitive and deliver them free of charge to your subscriber.


  • Appropriate proposals. Open plans.

  • A/B research options are quick and easy to use.

  • Excellent service to clients.

  • Advanced list of tools for segmentation.

9. Mandrill

Mandrill is an infrastructure transactional email service. It was primarily designed to manage transactional emails such as resets, welcoming notifications, and confirmations of orders. It now acts as an extension to MailChimp to enhance the distribution of transactional emails or tailored emails of a particular kind.

There is a high possibility that if website updates have gone to or have failed to enter the spam archive, Mandrill will help mitigate this kind of problem. There are several other explanations that might occur above symptoms, but we heard from our agency that once Mandrill is developed, the other symptoms will not be worth taking the time to treat, because Mandrill is often healed of them and programmed correctly.

Pricing: You can send 2,000 emails via Mandrill free software. It charges $9.95/month for 25,000 emails and costs about $.20/thousand emails for extra demand above and above 25,000 emails.


  • Without a problem with deliverability, Mandrill offers safe and effective emails.

  • Mandrill gives a thorough overview of email campaigns on metrics like open rate, click rate, bounce rate, etc., and offers automated email monitoring.


  • Fast Mailchimp integration tool

  • Most secure for users of Mailchimp


  • Fits only with Mailchimp

10. Pepipost

Pepipost gives you a fast, creative transactional electronic mail approach that just offers you a high-end premium tech experience. The app is built to ensure you can not mix your emails with spam and other directories to your recipients’ mailbox. In addition, it is the only provider of email service (ESP) and does not charge any unopened email charges.

Pepipost offers fast and secures SMTP APIs with unequaled clarity that allows you to see the status, time, and accuracy of your emails. The app can be quickly tailored to the current structure and you can send loads of e-mail in 3 minutes. All of this makes Pepipost one of the world’s most trustworthy email distribution systems.

Pricing: Every month, the paid plans start at $15 and send around 100,000 mail. However, you can conveniently send up to 1000 more emails by just paying €0.60, if you need more emails.


  • It is easy to use and flexible and you can give your customers a variety of emails only a few clicks away.

  • Pepipost’s combined roles SPF and DKIM minimize the chance of spoofing.

  • This SMTP provider helps you to watch the number of users who have unsubscribed or labeled their spam, whether your email is delivered or bounced, users opening or clicking on links, etc.


  • Simple to comprehend and incorporate HTTP APIs.

  • Efficient Time Reports.


  • Support is not great.10+ best smtp service providers & servers 2021 - woofresh

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