10 MASTERS: shaping the new tattooing mindset

The era of digital transformation has ushered in new occupations, but it has also favoured old professions now with a fresher, more modern look, and opening up new opportunities. So long so far, enhanced technology has assisted us in bringing solutions that help people achieve their goals. Whether it is learning something new, honing an ability or discovering new ways to practice a skill, doing it online has become a useful, practical, and cost-effective option.


Such is the impact of this new educational paradigm that even careers that used to be a bit more challenging to pursue have evolved positively, and are now more favourable to those who take the leap, as is the case of the Arts’ field.


The ideal time to be a professional artist


Information is more available to us, and now we have better chances to access affordable knowledge. The variety and breadth of valuable content on Art business available online is an encouraging outcome to learn not only how to perform art itself, but also, how to be entrepreneurs, promote work, connect with potential clients, and sell it. A promising opportunity for creatives and a better outlook for the art scene.


The tattoo niche is a great example of this new learning attitude. Back then, the only method was being accepted as an apprentice in a studio. But nowadays, there is a wide library of courses dedicated solely to this trade. Some even better than learning the old-fashioned way.


Learning from the masters has never been easier


10 Masters, a comprehensive online tattoo training, is all about absorbing from experienced people who have failed and succeed in their field, and now are capable of sharing what they have learned along their way. It is a complete guideline for artists who want to make a living from tattooing. Their proposal is exhaustive and challenging, but at the same time, functional and easy to follow. Their educational offer is deep, currently focused on realism and in the process of adding more styles. From workshops to masterclasses and extensive mastercourses, methodology and technique are evenly covered.


Expertise, practice, and commitment are their main cornerstones. Besides teaching the act of tattooing, they also instruct on health standards, equipment, setting up the work-station, and illustration techniques, but without neglecting important matters such as good habits, ethics, values, how to treat clients, and business mindset. All in all, it results in a complete, highly useful option that is utterly applicable to the professional tattooist’s work routine, regardless of whether they are newcomers or experienced that need to freshen up their technique.

The sharing economy has reached tattooing


Exchanging and collaborating among tattooists is turning out to be a thriving scenario for a guild that used to be more hermetic, expensive and competitive. Now, tattooists are learning more as a community, by giving out valuable tricks, while sharing techniques, methods, and experiences. It is a prosperous mindset, where egos have been let aside, and collective self-development has become the attractive point.


10 Masters is a living proof of it. Besides offering tattoo courses, they also give a valuable use to their social network, by educating, motivating and yet entertaining their audience, to help them acquire new tools to strengthen their skills. They constantly share tattooing topics, curiosities, news, tendencies, tips, tricks, and advices from the masters themselves. Plus, they also collaborate with experts in other fields to open interesting debates that are indirectly related to the tattoo world.


Their main goal? To stand for the tattooing profession and help tattoo artists level up in a more practical, accessible and modern way.

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